June 22, 2021

DAY 3 - My Baby Day

I felt like I am a bit overwhelmed by the workload that I have to face on the upcoming days because I am currently working on 2 research papers, 2 presentations, I also have to catch up to my backlog of 15 chapters of Accounting Study and I have to manage the opening of my start up business.

Therefore, I decided to take a break for a day. I didn't wake up today as what I expect at 5am but I happen to wake up at 8am because I slept late last night. I manage to finish one paper before lunchtime and I went directly to my girlfriend after lunch. We didn't do much during the time we were together. Even though she asked me to watch a horror movie with her but I didn't really watch it because the television is placed near the window directed by the sunlight. Because of that, I can't really see what is on the screen. I didn't watch the movie but I stayed by her side.

While I let my gf rest her head on my lap while she is watching the movie, I'm reading a book entitled 48 Laws of power, I am really intrigued on reading the book because I really find it interesting because of the practical application that I can use in the future. It gave me a new different perspective. I like these kind of books because it boosts my morale of doing better in everything. I am starting to love reading again because of these kind of books. I am now currently reading the 3rd law.

After that, we went out to buy some food. We ate street foods and then had some iced coffee. I drove her home after that then I went home. I continued my tabulation as soon as I finished to fix myself. Then had a research consultation, but we have a problem on our research paper because the company that we are studying refused to give us the costing of their products. It destroyed the essence of our study, we are still hoping that we will have a better route for this research.

I know that I am still in the progress of developing also my writing skills, I will study on the side while doing this. I will make this platform for me to become a future author of my own book soon. I am wishing the best for everyone who took the time to read this. You are awesome!

Written by Thry14

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