April 16, 2020

New Diet Plan and Daily Blessings

Well, I tried sticking to a daily amount of calories, and failed. So, as suggested by my boyfriend,I'm only going to eat 3 times a day. Hopefully, this will help to better control my weight. In between, if I feel hungry, I'll drink water. This will both stave off hunger, and keep me hydrated. Not to mention I need to meet my daily Plant Nanny goal, so there is that. Additionally, I will keep myself occupied with various tasks. If I'm too busy doing things, I'll be too busy to eat. Most of the time I eat when bored or stressed, anyway. Knowing my patterns is the first step to success. Anyway, my 10 daily blessings are:

1. My bf Patrick

2. My group of friends

3. My dogs

4. My nieces

5. Dying in Habitica for the first time- because I'm actually being honest about what I am and am not doing

6. The supportive Sketch Daily Guild on Habitica

7. Finding out there are health potions you can use to heal yourself on Habitica

8. The favorites and watchers I get on DeviantArt-it really means the world to me

9. My college advisor-long story

10. The dogwood tree in my yard-it reminds me of a beautiful cherry blossom tree, vaguely

Written by BlackRoses612

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