June 23, 2021

DAY 4 - Grind


Today, I spent most of my time in doing my research paper again. I don't like the idea that I woke up late again. I really want to change that therefore tonight I decided to sleep earlier than usual. I slept late 2 nights in a row. It's the perfect time for me to stop that kind of bad habit and sleep early today. But I manage to register my business name today. And I'm really satisfied because even though I am not doing major actions but these small steps will be significant soon. Tomorrow, I am looking forward on finishing 5 chapters of accounting study. I hope I can do it on plan.


Don't deprive your potential by taking the long route. Our constant choices will define the kind of future that we wanted to have. Your dreams? Yeah, you can choose to have that by simply focusing on what you can do today for that dream. Make it specific and keep on thinking of the cores of your goals and you will find the definite reason on taking the leap of faith. It will be easier to work harder because it won't make you feel that everything is such a burden.


" Where are you?" - Genesis 3:9

"Come out of hiding, dear child, and come back into relationship with me."

I know that in life whenever we did something wrong we always hide ourselves. We don't show ourselves in front of God because of the guilt that we are carrying. The mistakes that we did that we know that might get our God the Father angry. But don't be. Even though, we make mistakes. God will make a way to build your relationship with him deeper than what you expect. Whenever you felt alone or abandoned, never wither because God and His love will always make its way to you.

Written by Thry14

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