June 24, 2021

DAY 5 - The Humble Beginning


Based on my last journals I felt like I am not doing that well. But recently, I am doing better. I am building habits that are more meaningful rather than days that are spending my whole days on games or watching series or movies. I won't be like that, I wanna be better. What's the point of me realizing all of these things if these are not the means for me to become better? I am not doing these journals because I felt like I need to do it? No, I wanna do this because this is my beginning of changing for the better. If I can sustain writing the story of my life. Maybe, the course of these actions will lead me to be more responsible.

Today, I enjoyed my morning but as soon as I have the opportunity to be creative and to do things that are necessary I am happily to finish it. As afternoon goes by, I went see my girlfriend because I decided that we need to talk. We haven't been great these couple few days but I was hopeful to reconcile and fix our relationship. And I'm happy that we did see each other. As I went home after we ate, I immediately attended a Accounting Study and doing my research while on the process of listening. I can't keep up with the lessons that's why I'm doing research LOL. I have backlogs on the study, I need to catch up on my chapters before I could manage to listen. But anyway, I will set dates that I will watch the recordings.

I am happy and grateful today! I hope you are too!


Always ask yourself if there is a definite reason to fight about others opinions? Is arguing going to help solve anything?

Take a breath, relax, and resist the temptation of conflict. Just think of what you could accomplish and how much better you would feel if you could conquer the need to fight and win every little thinking.

I know that in my life, there are arguments that I felt like I am always aggrieved or went on against. But I am surely confident that I don't have to keep pushing my thoughts on others but rather I would understand their point of view. I may be difficult by asking a lot of questions but I will make sure that I will learn because every question is a learning opportunity and not a battle to win. Always humble yourself that you don't know enough and people will always have a lesson to impart to you.


"That I may finish my race with joy"

  • Acts 20:24

I am glad that I was reminded today to do everything with a grateful heart and be happy. I know that there are times in my life when I work that I find it difficult because I really don't like the idea of just working without the sense of purpose or fulfillment. But I am happy, because this verse made me realize that even the difficult things can make you happy. You just have to entrust everything to God and His plans for you.

Written by Thry14

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Posted On Jun 26, 2021

That's how I feel about journaling too, it's a tool of betterment. I'm glad you also like to view things from other's points of view and see what they may have to teach you, that is a very good stance that not enough people take towards the world. I'm glad to hear you've been grateful and happy 😊

Posted On Jun 30, 2021

@iyazo I'm happy that you've take notice of my work. I never expected someone to comment on my journals but I am happy that you did. I hope you can start your own journaling sessions too! I would be happy to read it!

Posted On Jun 30, 2021

@Thry14 Of course! I'm usually pretty active here, I just took some time off for health reasons

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