June 25, 2021



Today, As soon as I woke up this morning I watched a little bit of netflix before I get up to bed because I was waiting for the time to hit 8am because I will have a consultation on my research. I was so drained because as soon as I finished my consultation at 10:30am I started studying for my reporting at 12pm. I only have a really few resting periods. Then as soon as I finish my report at 3pm. I tried taking a nap but I can't. Therefore I decided to do some marketing papers that I need to finish. Then I rested a bit. And drove at 7pm to pick up my mom from work. Then went home. I did my research again and after that I decided to write this.

Nothing much happened to day but rather a really productive day.

I love days like these because I felt like I'm not wasting time. Even though I'm not used to this because I love procrastinating but I really find days like this more meaningful. I really appreciate it.


"This is why we say that nothing happens to the wise person contrary to they expectations." - SENECA

This is the second time I was reminded to talk less, but even though I am living this kind of life. Whereby I decided to keep saying less words than necessary it always leads me to people saying that I should talk more. But I don't find their opinions necessary. I prefer holding on the things that philosophers and other academicians who studies all of these things.


"Create in me a pure heart, O God" - Psalms 51:10

I starting to realize the whenever I am distracted it is because something made me distracted. May it be technology or other things that will get my attention and sometimes it will lead me to sin. I know that God prefer me to have a pure intention of the heart in everything that I do. For the only thing I need to do is entrust the future and the present to God with all my heart and soul with reservation.

Written by Thry14

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Posted On Jun 26, 2021

Sounds like a pretty busy day. I like the way you organize your journal 👍

Posted On Jun 30, 2021

@iyazo Thank you so much for that!

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