June 26, 2021

DAY 7 - The Start of the Challenge


I am really bothered on the upcoming days because of the stress and the weight of the work it requires for me to move forward. I just can't have the quality time to rest and just spend more time for myself. Overall, I spent most of my time preparing for my research because I have to catch up for our upcoming pre defense research this upcoming Thursday. I know that I will just spend my days like this.


"What assistance can we find in the fight against habit? Try the opposite!" - EPICTETUS

Doing the opposite might lead me to the right direction. We are always doing what is accepted by the norm instead of doing that will right for your choice. I will try to apply this in my life by thinking about the right actions and doing the opposite if it might lead to a different kind of result. I am really curious because it works on different scenarios and might result on a positive result. I will try this soon, and I will share my thoughts as well on this journal.


"Death is the destiny of everyone; the living should take this to heart." - Ecclesiastes 7:1-6

This is what I should be reminded always. We may not know when will be the time for us to die. It is better to live a kind of life that is meaningful for myself and live as if this is my last day of my life. If I indulge more of my time in doing not meaningful stuffs I am wasting my time. I would love a daily challenge where I push myself harder every single day.

Written by Thry14

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