April 16, 2020

Frédéric Chopin - Nocturne no. 20 in C sharp minor

I might use this space to practice my English.

I'd say that this quarantine is driving me nuts, but I don't really think it's the case. Eventually, I got used to it. It's crazy to think about what people can get accustomed to, given enough time. I remember loudly complaining whenever we stayed in the apartment for too long. I felt the need to get out, to visit art museums and exhibitions, shops, cafes and public parks, to eat good food, to see new people. To take an aesthetically pleasing picture or two - something golden and light that I could have posted on my Instagram feed, lately, maybe. And now? Now I rejoice in the most mundane of tasks. I fight with R. in order to be the one who cooks, to spend half an hour or more mixing ingredients, resulting in a mediocre meal in which I poured all of my attention, of my care. Every afternoon I break my study to eat exactly three biscuits on the balcony, pretending that the humble violets growing in a plastic vase next to me are a piece of a much ampler garden. I feel accomplished in understanding the vague sense of a paragraph on my German Narratology manual.

I spend most of my days studying for a thesis I won't discuss, since my University will stay closed at least until summer. I wonder if a literature degree will have any use, if we are actually surging toward one of the worse financial crisis since the Second World War.

Written by minijuliette

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Posted On Apr 16, 2020

A degree in anything is good! I don't use my English degree, but it still helped me get picked over other candidates without one. And if you write there is freelance work if you can work your way up! Stay positive! It sounds like it won't be too difficult, since you are looking on the bright side of quarantine already, which is tough to do :)

Posted On Apr 18, 2020

@Cayst Thanks for your comment! You're right about our degree. Yours is one more voice against all of those mean comments that us with humanistic degrees hear all the time about the uselessness of our education. I think that university can serve other purposes that are not connected directly with work, too - art is important because it helps you to know, improve, better yourself. There is an Italian saying, "We do not live by bread alone", that illustrates quite well what I mean. And yeah, let's make something useful out of this quarantine.

Posted On Apr 21, 2020

I don't understand why this post is named like that!
I thought you were going to write about it =(

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