April 16, 2020




Nothing exciting happened today.

I've played a bit of Zelda's ocarina of time. I was in the well and it was scary. I guess I'm getting more emotional. I played it with a walkthrough as i really wanted to get out of there. Turns out i had most of it done anyway.

About being emotional: I watched the third Pokemon Movie (Spell of the unown) with my sister and it brought my tears up.

Later I played ACNL and secured my Island. I found this nice snow ice design thing so I made sure no house can get anywhere and prepared extra spaces. I hope none finds a lack somewhere. In between I randomly placed chicken tiles. Hope that works.

At the end of the day my sister and I played skribbl.io again and it was fun.

Tomorrow we have to go shopping early.


Written by Plesi`

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