April 16, 2020

A Weird Way To Promote a Band xD

Nothing particularly interesting happened today. Took a break from my studies to just be lazy in front of my laptop. Well "lazy". I actually started following a course that teaches sign language (for italians) out of curiosity. So far so good, she's been talking about why it's useful :)

Right now in this particular moment I am actually listening to a live stream of two friends of my boyfriend that are singing as guests on a facebook page xD It's cute that they managed to find a gig in this pandemic, even though it is through a live videochat xD The thing that bothers me is that I arrived the moment they announced that they were almost done with this brief home concert xD Gosh Darn it xD

So a bit of backstory I guess. My boyfriend is a sound engineer, I wouldn't call him a professional since he learned how to do it by himself. But he did actually start following a course here before the pandemic started xD I can't remember if he managed to complete it before we were all quarantined. He actually made a name for himself in this small city, even though he also had competition. Sometimes he follows this italian band called The Dice, which is the band that I am listening to right now. They also made a small name for themselves in this city and it's surrounding province. I quite enjoy the band and keeping my boyfriend company when they go do these mini tours in this province xD I get to spend time with my boyfriend, listen to a free concert and pass the time making the main singer feel awkward when he talks to me xD At least, I don't know, usually when he speaks to me he looks so tense, though I think last time he finally calmed down abit. They were invited to play in one of the towers in the castle here in Ferrara: the organizers for the event decided to recreate the Yule Ball from Harry Potter. It was nice, the organizers even dressed up as the teachers of Hogwart, everyone who came to party were all dressed up as if they were actually attending a ball. While I had a boring dress and my boyfriend had a red shirt with animals taking a selfie xD The band dressed up elegantly when they had to perform. So, the organizers would talk and actually organized three different games and divided the guests into three groups representing the three schools in the Harry Potter Universe, then we would hear the music. It would be structured in game/talk, concert, game/talk, concert, game/talk, ending for the concert. So, I don't believe myself to bisexual, but I can admit that there are very pretty/beautiful women out there. And I remember during one of the games I saw a very beautful woman that had an amazing butt. The lead singer came up to me and asked me what was up and I was like "I saw the most amazing booty". He had a face that was like "I have no idea how to react here" and I tried pointing him to the direction subtly (it was very hard xD I didn't want to point) and he looked and stared at me with "I approve your opinion, that butt is the bomb" xD I feel like he doesn't feel comfortable with me, 'cause I'm unpredictable xD? He's always been with girls that are very effiminate, and just hearing the word "porn" they go "eeeeeew" xD While I'm there like "Show me. Show me the boobies!" and he stares at me with a "wtf" face xD Then he turns to my boyfriend like "Is she serious?" and the boyfriend says "Yes". xD

This other time during another break from their concert the lead singer was showing pictures to the drummer of the band of nekkid women. I wanted to see and he was like "No. D:?" and I was like "Why not?" and he was like "These aren't things a lady should see". I laughed at his face xD I'm sorry, like I get that there are women out there that are probably uncomfortable with the topic porn or nekkid boobies or weenies (heck, I'm scared to look at said weenies, boobies are prettier), but I feel like you know, a lot of people have sex, there shouldn't be such a scandalous approach when you look at pictures or videos. Unless they are revenge videos, or worse. Then yes, there should be a scandal there. So I was like "Show me the picture" and he says "First you have to show me something first". You can imagine the atmosphere became awkward, trust me when I say he didn't mean it with malicious intent (also cause my boyfriend was right next to me and he respects him too much to treat me badly and also the drummer was next to him with the face "what the hell are you talking about man?" xD), and to be honest I don't think that even HE had any idea what he meant by that sentence (I think I just caught him off guard xD) and so to "lighten" up the situation I turned to my boyfriend and said "Can I flash him my boobies so I can see some nekkid pictures of pretty women?" (You can hear in the background the lead singer yelling "NUOO D: I DON'T WANT THAT!") and my boyfriend was like "If you must xD" and the lead singer was like "WTF MAN D: ?".

So yeah, in short words, I enjoy making people get awkward when I interact with them xD Trust me when I say that he is not my first victim xD And I hope I didn't give a bad impression of the lead singer, he actually is a very sweet person, that I just so happen enjoy torturing xD

If you guys are interested in hearing them here is their live concert on facebook (they speak italian, but their songs are mostly in english):


Or their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwjMrWveRLpPk0SfnBx8eVQ/featured

Written by pinenutes

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Posted On Apr 16, 2020

I like your sense of humor, I act just like you do in those situations XD

Posted On Apr 17, 2020

@Cayst YES :D Let's make people feel awkward together :D Slowly slowly xD

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