Feb. 25, 2020

how i am becoming a leader and a good friend

Hi! So, as my first entry, i should explain to you and myself why am i even doing this.

i've started a new challenge at Habitica, took one challenge to keep writing a diary at this site. also, I've always wanted to have one but i haven't much time :(

firstle i need to call this so i wouldn't forget about it and be concentrate only on this theme. And I've decided to call it "how i am becoming a leader and a good friend"

if you think, my dear reader, that i am going to give you some advices about friendship and leadership, alas, no. i don't know how to do it either, that's why i'm writing this

it all started today, when i was at school. even if i have some friends there, even if i have some plans for college and studying, i still don't know how should i behave, i don't know anything about people and myself, and i think that my problem is that i have too much childish and irresponsible behaviour.

when i told this to my mom, she said that i need to control myself, it doesn't coming with some pillow and being a leader is too nervous. i agree with her, but i think i must to try a new kind of socializing, because life is short, why not go find something new?

i haven't got much for today, but, i think, i will have more for tomorrow. for your and mine future self i should say: be more positive, appreciate people and don't forget about yourself! everyone have a right for mistakes, so do other people, don't judge them strictly.


Written by awesomeierusalim

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