April 17, 2020





It's my previous flute teachers birthday :) :partyemoji:

I finished my personal project, the dragon flute. And changed it into a birthday picture for her. Hope she likes it.

We went shopping early. But there was no toilet paper, but instead we got flour :) :)

But I forgot the grape juice... I remembered when we waited in line, as we were there one minute before opening. Then i went in and forgot. So my sister had to go to get it as we need it tonight. Now I'm happy, we've got grape juice. Usually I'm not completely in favor with it but for tonight it's okay. And they have iced coffee for a while :)


We had KG. I read the first part of the book that's due this Sunday. And tomorrow I'll skype with my friend. I hope we 🐀 eh eat before 18:00.

We had communion in our KG :) and then we played skribbl.io. that's so mean!!! I never got to draw a flute there and what do i have do when I'm not there? I had to go mid-game and my sister took over. She could draw a flute 😫😱😭 I'll get it one day. So i scribbled one afterwards.

I found this cute rythm game. My sister had it before and she finds it boring. I actually quite like it. And i downloaded a "what to draw" app. At first i had no idea what sentence meant and was like should that give inspiration like idk "the wheather is so nice today" (which is not what i mean but more something like this). I tried it and it gave me a pirate llama fighting against a ninja llama. Interesting, I'll definitely draw that maybe tomorrow. :) So far, even if I didn't spend much time, but this app already appears positive.


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Posted On Apr 17, 2020

oh man you got flour, you hit the jackpot

Posted On Apr 18, 2020

Can we also see the flute :D ? What's the grape juice for :)? Was it needed for a recipe :)?

Posted On Apr 18, 2020

@pinenutes yep, just added it :) The grape juice was for communion we did in our small group :)

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