July 7, 2021

Unknown condition

So, it has been months now when I felt the lump in my throat. My mom saw it and got alarmed.

Last Saturday, I was having difficulty with swallowing food. It's like a feeling where there's an object blocked inside my throat, so whenever I swallow, I could feel the lump. It was discomforting. I couldn't enjoy eating my food. Also, I noticed that that lump has gotten bigger than before. I thought it was my Adam's apple at first, since the lump was still small, so I thought it was normal. Turns out, it's not.

Tomorrow, I'll be finally going to the doctor to have a check up. I'm hoping and praying that my condition isn't worse.

I feel like my sickness is showing itself during this pandemic. I've gotten more lazier, and maybe unhealthy at some point.

Written by s_t_4_r

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Posted On Jul 09, 2021

Weird condition, I hope it's nothing serious and that you get well soon!

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