April 17, 2020

Update on my workout °3°

Dear sweet cheesus I only have 30 minutes to write something today xD hahah Let's hope I make it in time xD

I study in my room (mostly on the bed), and even though I have a table to work on, I just place random junk on it and so it is literally a messy. Today I finally decided to clean the clutter up: it wasn't as bad as I thought xD It was a very organized mess, but still I ended up throwing away a lot of things. I can finally use my table to write down my notes, BUT, in the end, I didn't even study xD I just didn't feel it, and I heard that if you force yourself to do it anyways you're going to have to work three times as hard to learn the concepts. And since I'm studying a very hard subject, that the book itself isn't good at explaining the subjet to you, I just decided to workout :3

So, as my boyfriend describes me, I am some sort of a soft marshmellow pillow. I have a lot of soft spots, mind you, I'm don't look fat, but I according to the BMI (or whatever it is called) I am slightly obese. My boyfriend particularly loves my stomach, cause he loves playing with it (do not worry, I beat him everytime he does xD) and he usesit as a pillow when we lie on the bed. That's like the place that I usually try to get rid of, cause I really hate it when he plays with it xD But I did notice that there are two other soft spots that I hate even more: the upper arm fat and the back fat D: Especially the back fat (even though my boyfriend also plays with my arm fat, don't worry, I beat him here too xD). On Sunday I'm gonna try out all the excercises that are suppose to help you burn and transform your fat into muscles xD I think I will suffer immensely xD

Today instead I concetrate more on my arms, I feel like I didn't do anything. Not because they haven't changed (this Sunday I'm going to measure myself, but the say that you will notice the changes after some months pass by without ever stopping the workout excercise), but because they don't hurt. They don't burn like they did when I started this workout regime O.O I'm kind of worried that I didn't do the excercise well O.O

Also now I have a headache xD haha It got better once I drank almost half a liter of water xD I guess it's because I didn't hydrate myself enough during the workout and not even during dinner :D Water is magical D: Also I shall link a comic to end this post of the day that describes perfectly my relationship with water xD haha


Written by pinenutes

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