April 18, 2020

balcony log IV: snowfall edition

(Monday 4/13): Woke up, logged in to Pokemon Go, and saw that the weather was snowy. Excited, I grabbed my coat and went outside. It seems like every year we have at least one freak snowfall in April, but we haven't had ours yet this year.

There was no snow. Dry pavement, dry sky. Way to get my hopes up for nothing, Pokemon Go. To add insult to insult, there was a carpet cleaning van parked at the curb, with pipes spooling out the back doors and into the neighboring apartment building, and it was making an unholy racket.

(Wednesday 4/15): yesss it's snowing!! the promised time is now

Pale sunlight down one side of the balcony, a strip of snow down the other. This is the life.

(Thursday 4/16): All the snow has melted in the sunlight, but the grass underneath looks re-invigorated, more vibrant than before. Probably just my imagination. Sadly, Dad says they also got a hard freeze which killed off all the peach blossoms. RIP, no peaches this year

(Friday 4/17): More snow! It seems heavier than last time. The world is pristine, the air is crisp. Melted snow is slathered across half my balcony. Very festive. I saw the kidnapping van rolling out again, its intimidating all-black finish ruined by a cap of white frosting.

(Saturday 4/18): I stepped onto the balcony and found it was already occupied by a deep noisome rumble. Apparently, my roommate was running the air conditioning. (Dude. There's still snow out.) This is just my life now.

UPDATE (4/20): oh hey Dad says the peaches survived! woop

Written by Achaius

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