July 16, 2021

Internet is Back, Got a Lot Done

7:14 PM (of Saturday, July 17th 2021)

Today is Friday, July 16th 2021 and I got my Internet back today. I was supposed to do my strength exercises today but for some reason I didn't. I wasn't feeling tired or sore or anything, I just didn't feel like doing them today. To be honest I felt a bit lovesick I guess, something was up, like I was feeling good, but too good, sort of high and carefree. I got randomly turned on throughout the day which I may or may not have indulged in.

Honestly I don't remember that well what I did in the morning, I probably watched some videos or whatever. At around 8:30 AM though I texted my new real estate agent asking him if my offer on this new place was accepted or not, and he said he would check. After another few minutes, he said congratulations, my bid was accepted and I won! Awesome! I sent him some basic information that he asked for, filled in a form with my information, and also a picture of my driver's license. There wasn't really a lot I had to do here, but for some reason it took me a while.

Another productive thing I did today was I signed up for my insurance account for my car. The dealership said I had insurance that was included with my car purchase, so I didn't have to sign up for Geico or whatever other insurance service company until 2028. Pretty cool deal I would say. The problem was that they gave me some insurance ID and when I tried to use that to sign up for the site, it didn't work. They told me I had to call them, and of course everything was in Spanish and when I called them last week, it was already after 5 PM so their call services were closed, and then it was the weekend and my Internet went out so I couldn't even do that for a while. Anyway I resolved that today and got my account up.

What else? I guess that was it. Those were the two major things I completed today.

I also worked on a few things at work, and completed some tasks that have been open for a while. Awesome.

Afterwards I went to Macy's at the mall and tried out some suits and tuxedos. None of them looked good on me so I was very unhappy and angry and frustrated at myself and my weight. I left Macy's and just walked around a bunch around the mall and other places until I could get 9k steps in. I planned on walking outside some more, but I went home. I just walked around the household to get my final 1k steps and I was able to get over 10k steps again today. I've been on a long streak of getting 10k steps in every day, so I'm putting in all my effort not to breaking it.

That was my whole day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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