April 18, 2020

2020/04/18 / Skribbl.io? In Greek, please.



I was laz< toda<.

21:58: My sister wanted to play a round of skribble.io . She drew balloons and konfetti. I wrote "festival" but it didn't accept it. It revealed one letter and i was confused hwy does it have an accent on the a? Well...Turns out we were playing in Greek!!

Guess it saved that i entered a greek room for a minute last time...

Just: Neither of us speak it. I love it so i learn it but I don't know much. She only knows how to read it (not like i do but still). It's fun.

And I knew a few words. But it's like, we draw how it sounds and then we just write it.

I could draw the flute !!


Written by Plesi`

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