April 18, 2020

Skittles :D

So I actually did write an entry today, but then my browser decided to log me out in all the sites, so when I clicked "publish" the site asked me to sign in and now I have to pretty much write what I lost xD

But I'm lazy now xD

So essentially I was a little sad, thinking pessimistically that we might never get out of this quarantine, even though my goverment said that in May we may (lol) be able to start getting back to our "normal" lives :) I was kind of a debby downer, but after writing all that down I feel much better xD

I enjoyed listening to my lectures today: even though the book about private law is heavy and complicated, the professors explanation was very concise and I was happy to have understood everything on the first go :D

Another positive note is that today my sister called to see how we were holding up. She talked for a brief moment with the parents, but the moment they passed the phone to me we just talked for hours. Chatted about how our workouts are going (I'm using "Fitness for Women" while she is using "Nike Training Club" app). The application makes her do yoga and apparently hates "the mountain" xD I was like "I don't know what that is" and she was like "I haate it!" xD She says she feels like she changed, but when she looks at the mirror she doesn't look any different xD Like no duh! It takes months to see the differences :'( I measured my body parts with a tape ruler to see if I managed to change something even slightly :) But I kind of feel like my thighs have gone a little slimmer, since the pj's I'm wearing now don't feel tight in that region anymore. I will measure myself tomorrow to see :D I am ready to get disappointed xD haha

She also was telling me how she would like to cut her hair, but mostly how she wanted to dye it a rainbow color (something like this https://www.instagram.com/p/BD7_uyEvo9S/ ) and asked me if I wanted to do it with her. I was like "Sure, but you know when we will go to the salon I'll ask the to make me bald, right?" xD She was not pleased with my answer xD haha But since my hair is so long I was thinking to have fun with it while I still have them So I found this site (https://evilhair.com/) that actually sells a product that works more like a shampoo than a dye and they sell vibrant colors. I still have to dye my hair a light color (cause dark brown is not exactly color friendly). I have to choose the colors though xD I can't decide between blue, pink or green xD Though green kinda reminds me of boogers xD And apparently you can mix and create your own colors :) But I'd rather just stick with one and then go bald :3

Meh I shall decide later xD

Written by pinenutes

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Posted On Apr 19, 2020

@pinenutes I'm glad you're feeling better! Haha, would you really like to be bald?! I've dyed my hair a few times. Pink was my favorite and it stayed in quite a while. Purple did too, but the shade I got was a bit darker than I liked it. Blue faded really quickly in my experience, so if you want blue AND green go for blue XD I've never done green though.

Posted On Apr 20, 2020

@Cayst I wouldn't mind being bald :) Just out of curiosity, it's not like my hair won't grow back :D The worse thing that will happen is that my parents will constantly make fun of me, and some of my friends will refuse to look at me xD haha I think my boyfriend will be sad, cause he loves my long hair xD Pink sounds like an awesome color, but I'd just go with the blue: mostly that way i make my parents discuss between themselves xD My mom is very pro don't ruin your hair with bleach and dye and my dad is like "if you have to do it, i want it to be a nice shocking blue" and they usually end up "fighting" with each other xD But I just want to have fun a bit with my hair before I tell it "goodbye" :D (thanks for your opinion, by the way :3)

Posted On Apr 21, 2020

@pinenutes They'd refuse to look at you? Dude, my friends were so jealous! One of my friends went overboard and dyed her hair probably 8 different colors in the last few months to make up for lost time XD My parents were both very "You can only dye your hair normal colors, like black/brown/blonde" and I said, "But I only want purple!" XD So I didn't dye my hair until I was in college. They couldn't stop me there! And I think they want me to start doing it again, the variety was fun. I was going to have a friend bleach my hair but then the world went wonky, so now I have to wait!

Posted On Apr 25, 2020

@Cayst I'm not kidding. My friends in Milano looked at me with pure disgust when I told them that I was going to color and then shorten my hair xD It was the funniest thing ever xD Pfft, I can't color my hair brown xD It's alreay brown, and a cooool brown too u.u If I dye my hair black I'll look more like my sister, best if I don't do it xD and I can't see myself as a blonde xD haha How much is variety xD? Like did you have like highlight colored dye xD?

Posted On Apr 26, 2020

@pinenutes Haha, I get not wanting to look like your sister. My mom and I have the same build and for a long time we both had shoulder length brown hair so my siblings would always call me mom if they saw me from behind XD So I chopped my hair off and started dying it. My sister has brown hair, but she'd always dye it a darker shade of brown for some reason? I never understood that. Lol, I guess I can't see you as a blond either since I have no idea what you look like! But I couldn't see it for myself and it was actually a pretty good look. And some of them were pretty bright, but just the different colors were fun. My mom/siblings only dye their hair those normal colors or get highlights, so I'm the outlier.

Posted On Apr 30, 2020

@Cayst YES XD HAHA XD IMMA CALL YOU MOM XD No I won't, calm down xD My sister and I look alike, people keep thinking we're twins even though we're 4 years apart and I wear glasses xD Sometimes people see me in the streets and they start talking to me as if I was my sister, and sometimes i don't even bother telling them that I'm actually me and not my sister and just pretend to be her xD and then I meet up with my sister after and be like "So this person says "hi"" and she would look at me and be like "Who?" xD The only time were I won't consider dying my hair is probably when I will have WHITE hair xD Gonna be a foxy granny >:)

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