April 19, 2020

i learned how to use emojis 😂 (using laptop)

I am so happy to be back in writing 😁 I've just published a new one-shot for my dramione (Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger) one-shots compilation on wattpad and I just feel content with it, though I know it ain't perfect but, at least I did something new for today.

I have a few more things planned out to do for this day and I hope to be able to complete them. To be honest, I don't feel quite well and I do know the reason. It's because of my constant nights of sleeping late. Ugh, I really hate it but when the night comes, I feel so alive and that I still want to do a lot of things. But in the morning, I get sooo frustrated and hate myself for sleeping so late. 😔 (by the way, i just learned how to use emojis so i might use them occasionally).

I still don't know how to reply to comments in my entries so i'm going to answer them here in my post 😅

The app I use to write my my dreams is called Awoken. It's actually a lucid dreaming app because I really want to experience having lucid dreams! I know I lack something in my practice but i'm sure, someday I will be into it. Oh, and at night during sleep, I play lucid dreaming binaural beats which i think helps me to have vivid dreams and be able to remember them in the morning.

Lucid Dream Induction - "Neuroscape" - Binaural Beats (90 Min Sleep Cycle)

Control Your Dreams ➤ 528 Hz Deep Sleep Music For Lucid Dreaming | Lucid Dream Sleep Hypnosis Music

I have also mentioned i do some physical exercises and i don't really have a plan i use. I mean, i just saved photos showing particular exercises for particular parts of the body, and i just copy them. I use a timer to do the exercises, 30 seconds for work and 20-30 seconds rest. Later after writing this down, i will then do my regular exercising. Wish me luck!!! 😁

PS. Thank you for those commenting supports and good lucks, they really inspire me. And i've just realized i might as well do the same for others 😊

Written by noeeelle

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