July 23, 2021


It occurs to me that we haven’t had a false fire alarm for a few months before this incident, which is…unusual. Here’s my theory: Management got sick of randos pulling the fire alarm every couple weeks and disabled the alarms. On Wednesday afternoon I observed that the second-floor fire alarm had been pulled, so it wasn’t a sensitivity issue—the alarms were just not functional. It would also explain why management disappeared so fast after the fire. They know they screwed up.

On Thursday, village inspectors red-tagged the building, meaning that it’s uninhabitable for now. On Monday they’ll do another inspection and proceed from there. Management says their "hope" is to have everyone moved back by next week, although by this point we know how much the management's hope is worth.

Meanwhile, I'm very glad my parents have taken us in. It’s like a weird kind of vacation where I’m not actually on vacation. I wake up late, I stroll downstairs and make my mocha and Mom has already cut fruits for breakfast, I sit in the sunroom having a leisurely breakfast with my parents. But also, I have to do work.

(Also also, is our apartment going to be habitable again? And when? We’re going to have to throw out the entire contents of the fridge, freezer, and side freezer and it’s going to be a disaster. There may be looters, too. The management rep said that personnel were going to be on-site Wednesday night to prevent looting but (1) I’m sure she was just saying anything to placate the crowd and (2) she said nothing about any nights after Wednesday.)

My roommate says just to view it as a vacation (plus work). That’s what I’m gonna do.

Written by Achaius

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