July 29, 2021

Dancing to my own (kpop) rhythm!

I really hope to become the first Kpop idol who’s technically an American citizen. I’ve auditioned several times for SM entertainment, and JYP entertainment; once for source music and KakaoM recently, and YG entertainment the first time recently too. But, I’ve for some reason failed the JYP auditions online, and I’ve failed the SM online auditions. Currently I don’t know if I’ve passed the YG online audition or source music one or KakaoM one.

I am not Korean, just to be clear. I am female. I’m going into 10th grade in the fall. I have very fair skin. (But it’s kind of oily and very prone to acne breakouts.) I’m part Irish/4th generation Irish-American, and so I have this gorgeous natural red tint in my brown hair and the red blends in perfectly. I have a body that other girls get jealous about. And I’m a little tall, I’m 5”5 and a half, might be 5”6 now I’m not sure I’ll ask at my next doctors appointment.

My singing voice is really beautiful. But my dancing skills, they could use a little improvement. I’m learning the Korean language, and have been since the start of the pandemic last year. I’m using the website and textbook series called Talk To Me In Korean. Currently, I’m on level three of the talk to me in Korean level series; the advanced beginner level. I also use YouTube videos and a few other books I bought online through better world books and thrift books.

I self taught myself how to sing through YouTube videos as well as trial and error, and driving my parents crazy. Currently with dancing, I’m following Kpop choreography dance videos on YouTube. I’m currently learning the dance to the song playing with fire by Blackpink, as well as the dance to the song Russian roulette by Red Velvet.

I have been into kpop since I was 10 years old. I am now 15 years old. The first Kpop song I ever listened to was of course, Gangnam style, but then by chance I found the song I got a boy by girls generation. Then it was DNA by BTS and the rest goes on.

I understand my chances of becoming a kpop trainee are low considering I’m American. But I have talent, seriously. And I want to follow my wild dream. But my parents will probably stand in my way, they kinda already are.

I do have a few disorders, like ADHD and depression (slightly/seasonal), I have a thyroid disorder that needs management (hypothyroidism), and I’m on meds for my thyroid and ADHD and depression. My parents are kinda worried first of all that if I become a trainee and have to move to South Korea, the entertainment company/agency won’t take care of my health, physical and mental.

Regardless, I’m dancing and singing to my own (kpop) rhythm towards becoming a trainee. I hope I get into JYP entertainment the most. I recently auditioned again a few days ago! ;)

Written by Edgeworth6

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