Aug. 6, 2021

july gratitude

oh hey, I thought I left behind a bunch of gratitude journal entries when I evacuated the apartment, but I had them with me all along. woo

  1. artfight time! artfight kinda snuck up on me this year but I managed to get Taro and Raubritter's character pages uploaded before the inevitable site crash
  2. update: the site...isn't crashing?? it's functional??
  3. I'm still stunned at having an actual functional artfight site
  4. and I drew my first pic yay
  5. more art! sticker plushies!
  6. butter curry chicken for dinner
  7. goat gamer boi lookin good! first SERIOUS ART this artfight
  8. !!! CHROMIUM NBW this is not a drill
  9. update: that's 500 gc in hot cash. also my luna pup sold for 30 gc. I'm rich. from selling wolves. how is this possible
  10. sometimes you just gotta chill out and draw an extremely chunky frog
  11. did another rendition of the basic balcony pic (ft. a boy and a balcony cat). this one's the best yet! last year's versions were the superhero mop and the mini/cy treehouse pic. I like looking at them together, it’s like a mini theme collection
  12. weekday raid with KJH! we beat ultima weapon EX, good times
  13. spent the evening chilling with friends, watching newbie stream disco elysium, then watching numbers stream reinphazer
  14. yess I caused trouble on purpose in the "list of big names" thread
  15. raiding cloud of darkness. glad to be back doing shb content, doing my proper opener feels great
  16. england lost the 2020 euro soccer championship to italy because they went 2/5 in penalty kicks. this is such an instant meme. hgr has repeated it like a dozen times already and I love it
  17. vanilla bean frappuccino for breakfast, volcano poke bowl for lunch. dining in style
  18. just finished copying + formatting a month’s worth of journal entries and gratitude journal entries in my master file. so nice to be doing this at a proper desk and with a proper keyboard
  19. perks of a day at home: playing reinphazer. be proactive, not big bactive!
  20. mmm big brisket spicy nachos
  21. strolling around downtown, just like old times. home away from home. it's great to be back
  22. sleeping in, kicking back, enjoying these long summer days. the best of both worlds
  23. a cool cloudy day, and einstein bros bagels has cheese bagels in stock. this may be my new go-to lunch spot
  24. #fridayfroyo!
  25. yay home mocha
  26. it's been cooler lately, nice for walking. fitbit thinks I took a 17-minute run outside?
  27. raiding alexander 1 savage ft. THE OPPRESSOR. alarums are such chaos I love them
  28. day on the town
  29. roommate's vision is pretty much the same, yay
  30. woo no revisions on my latest project
  31. oh hey just hatched a noibat. that's an EVOLVED NOIVERN
  32. another nice walk downtown
  33. many things to be thankful for today. ONE: our apartment DIDN’T catch on fire, and we weren’t injured. when they let us in to grab belongings I didn’t see any damage to the apartment
  34. TWO: I was working from home, so I could help my roommate evacuate and all that
  35. THREE: my parents are putting us up for the night. personally, I love spending the night in a dwelling
  36. update: love spending probably at least a week in a dwelling
  37. for real though it’s a great dwelling. sun room! working shower and shower drain!
  38. and the timing is great because parents are leaving for vacation on Saturday so we’ll have several days of the place to ourselves
  39. newbie asked hgr “how can I entertain you?” hgr told him to play slay the spire. so we got to watch him stream ironclad 20. he was down to 1 HP at one point but he made it
  40. a thunderstorm at night. the sound of rain clattering on the rooftop.
  41. bonus: thunderstorm = no need to water plants today
  42. a sweet 50-minute walk to both church pokestops and back
  43. made pork chops for dinner! weirdly satisfying to cook something in a kitchen not my own and still have it turn out great
  44. gotta love firefox profiles btw. totally seamless transition from doing all my internet browsing on my desktop to doing it on my laptop
  45. delicious lunch: stir-fried egg noodles with ketchup and sambal chili sauce. (the noodles were overcooked. flavor was still good though)
  46. finally out of my art slump! for Blix’s art telephone game I drew (redacted). possibly my favorite piece I’ve done this year
  47. even though at home I use my desktop 90%+ of the time, it’s better having only my laptop than only my desktop. laptop gives me microsoft word (for work + journal) and photoshop (which inexplicably stopped working on my desktop last year). nice one, laptop!
  48. mmm char siew bao for lunch
  49. yay morning rain. water those plants
  50. just finished reading yoon ha lee’s raven stratagem. this whole series is so good
  51. YES finished my alleyway vultures pic (also my yearly perspective pic). two-point perspective with a vertical horizon line, very cool and exciting. my NEW favorite piece I've done this year
  52. denim heir!! got him from a denim x honeydew pairing which is super long odds

Written by Achaius

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