Aug. 11, 2021

Played Warcraft 3 All Day Yet Again

7:35 AM (of Thursday, August 12th 2021)

Today is Wednesday, August 11th 2021 and it was a bad day today. I just played Warcraft 3 all day basically. Even while working, since I work on two different laptops, one is my work machine and the other is my normal machine. I played Warcraft 3 while working. I completed a lot of work yesterday so today was a bit more relaxed, but there was still work to be done. Anyway It was a bad idea to game and work at the same time because of how distracting it is and how much attention it takes. I'm going to only sign off four hours today because I feel like it would be unfair to sign off more.

But yeah I played games like Survival Chaos and War of Races, again. I played Legion TD a bunch, again. I played Fight of Characters. I played Anime Battle Arena. I played this new game I never played before called Direct Strike, and I played a second version of it called Soul Wars or something like that. There was also this game called Nightfall that I played for the first time, I played it twice and was villager twice. Nightfall was fun. Oh yeah, I also played The Kingdom of Kaliron, one of the most complex maps in the game. It has its own talent system like World of Warcraft, a literal talent tree with many branching options, for every class (and there's like 20+ classes), and a large world to explore, and a bunch of rules and things. Crazy game. Bored me because of how complex it was, but it was fun.

While playing it all, I felt so addicted. Like, what was I doing? Why was I doing this? Playing Legion TD over and over was getting really old. Especially because it was the same thing over and over again. Why did I do this?

Direct Strike was crazy fun though. I like these maps where you just strategize on the units, research, etc, and the units come out automatically and you don't control them. Maps like Civilizations, Survival Chaos, Direct Strike, War of Races, Castle Fight, and Soul Wars (or whatever that was called). Even Legion TD might fit into this category. These maps you don't control any units, except maybe 1 unit like the builder, but the rest of the time you don't do anything except basically just research upgrades or choose which units to be made. They are basically "automatic strategy" games.

I want my units to have this upgrade, and that upgrade. I want these units to be made here. Okay now the AI does all the unit controlling and everything and you just watch the result of your choices. I like that kind of game.

I also played Heroes of the Storm for around 3 hours. I played mainly against A.I. with A.I. teammates. I used to do co-op against A.I. while practicing, which means I had human players as teammates. But I would literally only get like 70k experience points each game, which sucked. When playing against with A.I. teammates against A.I. enemy, I would sometimes get over 200k experience, which was way better. I also set the difficulty level to the lowest setting which was beginner, and in this setting the A.I. didn't cast spells, or didn't cast them that often, so I could win so many battles against them.

The highest kill streak I had was with Lunara, and I had 38 kills and 0 deaths against A.I. The whole game I didn't even look to attacking any structures or anything like that, I just went after the enemy. As soon as I saw one on the minimap, I would just hunt them down because I was aiming to get a high kill streak. Since they didn't cast spells, they honestly just died so often and so frequently.

I think there is also a bug with Artanis, because one of his first talents allows him to just gain 0.1% attack every time he hits a hero, and it lasts forever, and there's no limit. He also gains 1% for every takedown. So I would intentionally just play games with him trying to hit heroes as many times as I could in these A.I. games, and it was so easy since they barely fought back. Also the "beginner" level A.I. automatically stops attacking you if you stop attacking them. So if I was low on health, I would just run away, and they would stop attacking me. So I got my damage raised to the point where every hit I made, was over 500 damage. I think it got to like 509 damage or something, maybe even higher, because literally every attack I made, would raise my damage by 0.5, so every 2 hits it would go up by 1.

That is crazy. At that point though I could take heroes down in 6 hits. It was insane. So spellcasters like Kael'thas can probably get like 400 damage if their flamestrike hit directly, and it's super hard to do that. I was literally getting 500+ damage every single basic attack I did. It was so crazy. I could take down buildings and whatever in a few hits, well a bunch of hits, but still, not as many as usual.

So that was fun. And when my day ended, I had nothing to show for it. The next day (Thusday) I would uninstall it. All my games. And I would uninstall and Steam too. I hate how much time they take up from me. Especially Warcraft 3. I mean that's probably my favorite game of all time. And it's SO GOOD. It is the best game ever. It is basically Roblox before Roblox came out, and in my opinion it's a far better version of Roblox. Roblox has a bunch of custom games and stuff, so does Warcraft 3 because that was the original. I've never played Roblox so I don't know what kinds of games it has, but Warcraft 3 has a bunch of very fun ones, insanely fun games.

Anyway that was my day today. I learned some valuable lessons by completely wasting today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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