Aug. 13, 2021

It's my first day here!

Hi everyone! Today's my first day of writing here, I really hope that I can get on well with everyone, I hope to be a friendly and hard-working person and I will strive hard to achieve that goal. I'm really happy to be writing and it's been my passion since I was young. I love to spend my free time reading books📕 and I really love rabbits. I hope that I can be part of the community too! See you!

Written by LilyThePrincess

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Posted On Aug 13, 2021

Welcome, rabbit 😄 I was surprised when you wrote a Chinese comment under my post. Have a good day, have a good adventure~

Posted On Aug 14, 2021

@QuasarKhan Thanks! It's really heartwarming to see everyone writing very nicely here and the community is so friendly! I'll do my best to fit in with the community although I'm new!

Posted On Aug 15, 2021

@EmeraldPhoenix Thanks!

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