Aug. 13, 2021

Being considerate (My school compo)

Being considerate

   The bus door opened and an old lady hobbled in with her walking stick. A man was sleeping in his seat and beside him was a girl named Nina. The old lady was weak and frail, her knobbly legs shaking as she stood on the bus.

As the bus was very crowded, the old lady looked very uncomfortable. She tried to move to a vacant seat but the bus was too crowded! A young boy dashed past her and plopped into the empty chair, almost knocking her down.

Nina felt sorry for the old lady and she got up and gestured for the old lady to sit down. The old lady and sat down and said, “Thank you, kind child.” Thankfully, Nina's stop was nearby so, she did not have to stand for too long.

"Ding!" went her EZ-link card as the scanner scanned her card. The old lady thanked her and waved goodbye as Nina alighted and walked home.

Written by LilyThePrincess

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Posted On Aug 13, 2021

Welp... sorry if this too low-quality for y'all cos I just started writing these

Posted On Aug 13, 2021

I don't see any reason to say sorry :D everything is good, and you are so kind

Posted On Aug 14, 2021

@QuasarKhan Thanks! UwU👍

Posted On Aug 25, 2021

@EmeraldPhoenix Yeah, I shared it to get recommendations on how I can improve, bcause my exams are coming so just sharing.

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