Aug. 14, 2021

gratitude journal: cyprus edition

I miss home.

But in the spirit of gratitude, here’s a list of things that are great about my parents’ house.

  1. My bedroom has air conditioning. (At home, my bedroom air conditioning broke in late summer 2020, but I didn’t want to call maintenance because of the pandemic. I finally got around to making a maintenance request on July 7, 2021, and I was planning to follow up on July 21, but you know how that turned out.)
  2. The shower turns on consistently (instead of needing 5-10 tries before it works).
  3. The shower has good water pressure.
  4. The shower drain works properly. (This was also part of my July 7 maintenance request.)
  5. There’s multiple bathrooms!
  6. It’s a nice neighborhood for walking. It’s scenic (all the gardens are so nice), there’s easy walking access to two pokemon gyms, and it’s a low-crime area.
  7. The sunroom is also incredibly scenic.
  8. In general, the house has big windows and a lot of natural light.
  9. My workstation setup is great: plenty of space for me to sprawl out my notepads and sketchbook and colored pencils without having to move all my stuff whenever roommate wants to eat at the table. And from my chair I have a good view of the garden.
  10. Mom cooks dinner! It’s (1) delicious (I’m a decent cook, but Mom is clearly superior), (2) nutritious (there’s always some kind of veggie dish, and often fresh salsa and/or cucumber salad), and of course (3) convenient not to have to cook my own dinner.
  11. Mom and Dad also take care of the dishes.
  12. And they do the laundry.
  13. There’s plenty of fresh fruits and produce (I can grab a peach or a tomato for fresh salsa whenever I want) but I don’t have to keep track of when everything is going bad/needs to be eaten; Mom oversees it all.

Written by Achaius

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