Aug. 14, 2021

One more day, one more day

I have gone for a morning walk with my dog every day so far. Tomorrow, Sunday will be day seven. It will also mean that I have gotten up at seven am for just as many days. A successful week if I can pull this off. I do need to get to bed a little earlier. The last few days have been around eleven-thirty at night. I believe eleven or ten-thirty would be better. It is currently twenty after one in the afternoon, and I feel like I could sleep for another few hours. I am fighting it so that I will hopefully go to bed earlier tonight. I know that there is nothing wrong with a nap. I don't want to overdo it or underdo it. I walk a fine line when it comes to them.

Instead, I am opting to write this and do other things online, like some games and browse furniture stores for a couch and a mattress, both I need. I have only ever bought a bed once in my life, which had to be over fifteen years ago. I have never bought a couch before either. I need to research what is out there.

I also need to make up my mind about going to the lake tomorrow with friends. I want to get out more, but at the same time, with covid reasserting itself, I want to be careful. It was my friend's backup plan since the camping plan fell apart at the last minute. It isn't a bad thing that I want to seize opportunities after so long.

I need some lunch before I entirely make up my mind.

Written by EmeraldPhoenix

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