April 19, 2020


Today felt like a long day. Fought with my boyfriend at 2 in the morning and we haven't spoken since then xD I feel like poo and I just want this day to end xD

Nothing particular happened today. Studied, worked out, and now I'm just going to drown in a game called "Don't Starve Together" and go to bed once I feel super sleepy.

Hope you all had a better day.

Written by pinenutes

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Posted On Apr 20, 2020

So sorry to hear about your day :'( hope you guys make up soon~ and hopeyou feel better ♡︎

What game is that btw? simulation? in phone? I'm intrigued xD

Posted On Apr 20, 2020

@shaiduck It's cool :) We made up :D
So it's a sandbox, adventure, horror, simulation game xD You're a character that gets transported unto an island by a mad scientist and you have to survive by picking, berried, wood, rocks, turkeys to create things xD Like I don't think I explained it well xD It's called "Don't starve", cause obviously you could die by starvation, but you could die in different ways: like spider, dragons, buffalos xD You can technically play it on anything: phone, pc, i think also playstation. Like I love it cause they update it monthly and you always get something new to do (like now you can sail in waiter and fight fish) and they also update the characters (the old ones but they also add new characters to try once in a while :D). Like I don't know xD I'd say try it xD Do you have steam xD?

Posted On Apr 22, 2020

That's great!! <3 Good to know :3

Whoaaa sounds like fun~ Tried searching it on andro though and IDK if I got the right one.. Doesn't feel like what you described so I probably got the wrong one xP And no I don't have steam.. My laptop can't be used to play cause it's too full with drone apps. Usually when I wanna play PC games I hijack Hippo's computer X'D he has steam and his PC is good enough to play with~ Hahahahaha To bad I can;t go to him now though :(

Posted On Apr 25, 2020

@shaiduck It's suppose to also be on android :D At least a friend of mine plays on his phone xD What are drone apps D:? Oh yeah, that's smart xD I would do that too, but I think my laptop is better than my boyfriends xD ahah Tell him to send the pc through mail xD

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