April 20, 2020

Habitica challenge Day 4: Unproductive

Something's wrong about today's ZOOM inquiry room.

One of my senior asked the music theory teacher if she would apologize for the insulting words said to her at 17/1. I was shocked for her to review her affairs with the teacher publicly, but then I've learnt from the Whatsapp chat room that she was insulted, with words included but not limited to:

"You'll never pass the exam no matter what!"

"You don't want to pass anyways!"

And she was not the only victim. It seems like her classmate's depression has reappeared and had to see a doctor immediately because of her.

......Something told me she was short-tempered and hard to get along since Day 1 of her lesson, but I didn't expect her to be THAT bad.

What's worse, the senior had sent a lot of complaints for three months until now. Although the school has arranged meetings and has set up a investigation teem. They still didn't take action to deal with this matter efficiently, only empty advice were given.

Anyway, no one responded for more than half an hour, and eventually the teacher closed the ZOOM.

With unknown reasons, both my body and soul were too tried to care for my homework.

Written by MandySakura

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