Aug. 25, 2021

Ordered a Washing Machine and Dryer

6:49 AM (of Thursday, August 26th 2021)

Today is Wednesday, August 25th 2021. It was a fairly normal day. I just browsed the Internet in the morning, and then went with my dad to Home Depot and he bought some soil. We were really looking for those thick rubber floor mats that are used in workout rooms, so that weights can be dropped on them and they would absorb that shock, but we couldn't find them. So we went to Wal-Mart to look for the same thing, couldn't find it again, and just ended up settling with those alphabet puzzle floor mats for kids, they're thick enough.

I actually got a phone call from the Internet provided here saying I had to go back to their building again so they can scan and make a copy of my SSN card. So after we bought the kid's alphabet play mat, we went to the Internet provider building and I waited in the waiting room again before it was my turn. I don't know if I wrote about going there before, but yeah I went there before like last week and now they wanted me back there again. It was a very quick process this time, I only had to wait in the waiting room for like 30 minutes. I told them I wanted Internet at my place ASAP.

Afterwards I dropped off my dad at Aguinaldo (the name of the new home I bought) and I went back to Wal-Mart to buy anti-fungal cream because there's been these barely visible weird brown spots appearing on my left inner elbow. They appeared several months ago and when I first noticed, there were less than 3 bright red spots sort of like pimples. Then I scratched them off with my nails and they came back looking very dark, and it started to spread to now a lot more than 10 spots. Last month I bought this anti-fungal spray and I would just spray it on there every morning and that basically made them vanish. They became my skin color and would not be visible at all unless you knew they were there and deliberately looked for them.

Four days ago that anti-fungal spray ran out and I've just been letting the spots chill, thinking they were already done. This morning I noticed they were basically back, with the spots becoming more visible and darker as the days went by. Ugh, they didn't fully die out yet. So yeah I bought anti-fungal cream this morning, different from the spray, to fight them off again. I don't know if this will be more or less effective than the spray.

Also on the way back home, I went to this Acai Express building that was close to Wal-Mart, and I got two Acai bowls for myself and I bought a Pink Dragon Bowl for my dad. I dropped it off at Aguinaldo before I drove back to the apartment. I love that this Acai Express is so close to where Aguinaldo is, I can basically go there every day if I wanted.

At the apartment, I just worked on stuff. Time flew by so rapidly. At around 5 PM I also pleasured myself again, but it was basically forced this time. I've still been doing it at least once a day, since I would have a lot of alone time either at night or whenever I would drop my dad off. But it's been getting a little boring lately and it's starting to feel forced. I've basically watched so many videos or maybe done "that" too many times that I'm not getting as turned on anymore. I wrote a private entry about considering purchasing this "custom video" where whatever happened would be exactly what I ordered, and it would be $800 and would basically be my ultimate fetish experience apart from real life. Eh, they gave me that quote for that video after I sent them what I requested, and I haven't replied to their email since, it's not that it's too much, it's that I'm kinda bored now. And yeah it doesn't seem worth it.

I mean it would basically be my ultimate fetish video request of all time. But I'm just not feeling it anymore. The imaginations I used to pleasure myself to, that I would have no issues turning me on at any time of any day or any moment, I'm kinda bored of now. I've been pleasuring myself so many times a day for the past year, like multiple times a day, that it's seriously getting old. It's all to the same stuff too. Nothing else would turn me on anyway. So yeah I'm a little bored of porn and pleasure now, it's not as pleasurable as it once was. Maybe I should take a break from that for a month or more. Like the thoughts still sort of turn me on, but not like before. I think I'm worn out, exhausted from doing it so much.

Afterwards I picked up my dad, and we went over to the Asian restaurant where I ordered 16 vegetable sushi's and 16 vegetable sushi's with plantains on top. It's very good, especially with soy sauce and wasabi and pickled ginger. No point in destroying ocean ecosystems and killing innocent fish just to add dead smelly fish flesh to the top of sushi when just the plant parts of it are good enough. But most people never think about that, the intentional animal deaths they cause just by choosing to add an animal's dead flesh to their food, when it's completely unnecessary at all. Also I ordered two bubble tea's, one for me and my dad.

We went to Best Buy while the sushi order was being fulfilled and I ended up buying a washing machine and dryer. The total was around $2400. It was really freaking expensive. But yeah this was something I needed anyway because it was tiring washing the clothing by hand, also I would miss a bunch of stains and stuff, and it was not fun having dirty clothes even after washing them by hand for a while. I actually didn't even need a dryer I guess because I could just hang them outside, why the heck did I buy one? Anyway it wouldn't arrive until next month.

Afterwards we drove back to the restaurant to pick up the food, and then drove back home to the apartment. We ate there and afterwards we watched some random videos and around an hour of a movie, before we both decided to go to sleep.

What a long day with so much driving. My dad's days are especially long and busy. He's basically been doing all of the physical labor work that needs to be done at Aguinaldo, including having assembled all of the workout equipment I bought recently. He also cleaned up the "backyard" (that little square place in the back a bunch of town homes have). My parents are both extremely clean and neat. I'm not, but they clean up for me. Then I have this friend who is extremely messy, him and his entire family are extremely messy.

I remember they told me they bought a brand new home. So I visited their new home like one month after they had bought it, and the place looked like it had been inhabited for the past 30 years. There was so much junk and stuff everywhere, there was barely any room to move, everything was already settled. It is weird how such opposites exist. I don't even know how a messy home forms like that. That's why I opted to owning as few things as possible, and yet my home would be messy if it weren't for my dad that just cleaned it all up when he got here.

Written by JustMegawatt

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