Aug. 27, 2021

In school (Friday 27th 2021)

(Friday 27th 2021)

I'm sitting in math class without much to do. Today I am leaving at lunch to go to Bup to talk with the psychologist, and I'm probaly going to ask if I can in any way start to take a lower dose of the Fluoxetin, as it doesn't seem to be helping and I'm feeling better due to outside influences anyway. School isn't very hard, even if I am going into my last year here now. When I'm done with the work I have to do, I usually knot friendship bracelets, but today I made an alpha keychain in green and blue for Evan, as it is Dream not found colors and they love the dsmp! I actually got it done, but I'm so tired so I'm not really doing any work at my math lesson right now... Instead, I'm checking Habitica to see if I can find new challengs! I took one Corona related, one journalling, and the habitica triple.

Good luck, future me! ^^

Written by Fullmetal61

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Posted On Aug 27, 2021

Habitica has been super helpful for me with keeping on track with basic tasks/self care. I hope the same happens for you! Best of luck with your studies and meeting with your psych. :)

Posted On Sep 09, 2021

@princessleopard Update! It went well, and I no longer need any meds.

Posted On Sep 09, 2021

@Fullmetal61 Hooray! That is awesome! :)

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