Aug. 27, 2021

27 Aug

53 years ago , on the 27th Aug , one man ordained as a monk for the rest of his life with his commitment to expanding the knowledge of Load Bhudha : meditation and make the world be a better place with the truly peace.

His main message which always be delivered to the all people is if you still your mind with gently, relax and comfort at the center of your body ( in the stomach the same place with center of your body gravity ) you will find the peace and happiness in you. That' s one kind of the Load Bhudha meditation have done in the past.

Nowaday, he still on going with his original commitment .He never ever gives up eventhough the many obstacle came in his way.

That's why every 27 Aug in every year be an important day to me and his mediation 's student.

Written by libratul

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