April 20, 2020

Habitica Guilds, Challenges, and Party

Looking back on why I joined Habitica in the first place, I actually just wanted a fun way to organize my tasks. But after going through the app I saw that there are a lot of things that can be achieved by using it. I first browsed guilds and joined [The Daily Journal](https://habitica.com/groups/guild/a7193edb-4e1d-41e8-b678-9cc236007b86) which lead me here, the [Ravenclaw Common Room](https://habitica.com/groups/guild/f63bb44f-ca80-46a8-9264-1a80cc76346d) just because, and various health and fitness guilds. There I found challenges that I can apply into my daily routine, and so now I have a huge list of things I can do and habits I am to build for a better physical and mental health! I'm really loving this cause it does remind me to care for myself on a daily basis and it somehow provides instant gratification when checking off the tasks one by one every time. It feels amazing!

Now I'm currently level 15 as I'm writing this post and on my way to level 16 after I check off the Write an entry for the day. Woop woop! ♡︎

On other notes, I felt very productive today thanks to this new [challenge](https://habitica.com/challenges/d783b362-4f28-445a-bd3d-d3d31de07fc3) I joined and I also gave it another go with the lava cakee~ I really wish I could upload the video here.. I did a slo-mo when cutting into it :P And now that I have nailed the simple recipe, I will have to learn a more intermediate one to help me get a better grip on it before trying to alter things and make it my own~ ♡︎ woop woop! Dear Future Me, have you finally found the perfect recipe for you with your own twist? Go try and make one soon!

I am also slowly building up a workout journal to keep track of my progress starting from today. And also, keeping up with my food journal to see how I can make my eating habit healthier ♡︎

And, and, and.. I made a Party for quests since I had a hard time finding open spots for those below level 20~ hehehe

P.S. For those reading, I found this debate in Twitter about which is better: Friends or How I Met Your Mother? It was interesting. What do you think?

Written by shaiduck

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Posted On Apr 20, 2020

Ah so you've made your own party ^^ otherwise i'd have invited you - depending if "for below lvl. 20" means "perfect for them and not too op" or just "get accepted". But I think quests are challenging as long as you don't start using your "brutal smash" skill (warrior) THEN it's, like, finished in no-time. :)

Posted On Apr 20, 2020

Actually it feels as if most of this site's users came here because of the challenge.. But I'm glad it was created as I count myself to them :)

Posted On Apr 20, 2020

Oh, I would have invited you too, to my guild :) But I also think it's cute that you look for the people that have lower levels :D
Aw you're a ravenclaaw :D I shall call you nerd (with affection obviously, I don't see it as a negative thing :D my group is full of nerds, I am too, but I don't think I would belong in Raveclaw xD) They have fitness guides in Habitica (I don't know why I'm surprised, Cayst told me about cooking guilds too and I was shocked there too xD maybe I should ACTUALLY look for guilds xD haha I mostly found my guilds by looking at the challenges xD)
Lava cake is easy D: ?!? I always thought it was hard xD Did you find your recipe yet :D ? xD
Food journal is genius, I haven't thought about it, but I should do it too. Thank you for that idea, that I will steal :D I have a fitness "journal" too. Like I don't write down what excercises I did, but I measured and weighed myself to see if I have any changes :) Like I started on the 6th of april and remeasured myself yesterday and I changed a little (i'm very happy with the results :3 Except for my thighs, for some reason they gained 2 inches xD? Like why xD?) :)

What are you doing xD? Are you trying to create a warrr xD?
Anyhoo, I watched both Friends and How I Met Your Mother, and personally I like HIMYM. Did you watch any of them xD? Like I would like to get on spoiler territory, but I refuse to if you haven't watched them yet xD Although If you want I'll try talking without spoilering them xD

Posted On Apr 21, 2020

Your food always looks so good! I keep a food journal too, though it's not as fancy.

Posted On Apr 22, 2020

@Plesi` Haaii~ yes so I ended up making my own cause when I was DMing people from the Party Wanted guild, it was either their parties were already full, or that there are criteria in what they accept.. like specifically "Mage level minimum 40" or something.. And since I just started out, I'm still below level 20.. sooo~ I had a hard time, but I was accumulating quest scrolls so.. I just made my own.. 2 people joined though but they're not that active I guess. I just tried chatting them today to see if they respond or not hehehe
But thankyou so much for wanting to invite me to yours! <3

I like the quest concept and it is challenging <3 love it! I'm a rouge so no worries about over damaging the monsters though :P

And yes I do feel most people are here due to the challenge in The Daily Journal.. So yeaayy more peopleee <3 hihihi~

Posted On Apr 22, 2020

@Achaius Thankyouuuu <3 hihihi~ If you would like to try the app I use it's called "Ate" and the icon is like a bitten cookie~
Since I don't really wanna count calories and just wanna take pics and log, I feel the app is enough for my use :D It doesn't have a built in counter so inputting food I eat is easier~

Posted On Apr 22, 2020

@pinenutes Hihihi thankyouuuu <3 sorry I didn't ask sooner~
Hahahaha I would very much take it as a compliment to be called a nerd! Really, I'm a physics undergrad but I never felt smart enough to be called a nerd since people in my circle are smarter than me hence nerdier xD haahaha they just end up calling me a geek~ so thankyouuuu <3
What house do you belong to? Ever been sorted in the pottermore page? xD

Yes there are a lot of guilds! I was actually browsing guilds so I can take challenges xP hahaha I even found finance guilds and stuff.. But I basically just joined a bunch of workout guilds and a few productivity guilds taking challenges that I can incorporate in my daily routine <3 I haven't found a Trekkie guild though so that's something I look forward to :D

Yeah the lava cake I followed was real easy. Choco powdered drink, hot water, egg, flour, sugar, melted butter. The tricky part is just in steaming it.. Gotta watch out cause it might be either under, or over cooked~ hehehe. For my own I haven't found a better recipe yet. But I kinda like the idea of having a separate mix so 1 cake, 1 ganache, and syringe it in. So I can play around with different types of chocolate while making it hehehe

Me too!! This guild I'm in said to measure and weigh every monday so I just had my first one. I hope I get to see changes after a month though~ Though about actually inputting it in excel so I can make a graph to look back in x'D I wanna see happy results like youuu ~ <3
And maybe maybee~ The thighs part because your workouts are somewhat concentrated towards your lower body? So it might be muscle developing xD

Hahahaha someone else started the war~ xD I was just asking hahahhhaha
So I have watched both and I have comments for both. I'm not saying one is better than the other cause they both have great qualities. But I do find myself rewatching Friends more than HIMYM hihihihi~
What are your opinions though? xD

Posted On Apr 22, 2020

@shaiduck yeah, the activity problem. I didn't write it into my party's description, but I'll let people leave the party if they reach the point of being inactive - according to the last log in date - for more than a month. I don't know if that's mean, but who know if they didn't just stop using it at all. There is this tool where you can "analyze" the party, although I just used it to see how many people reached this one month (of course, you can just look at their description, so this tool isn't even necessary). I wish you get a good party :) and an active one, with nice chats :)

Posted On Apr 28, 2020

@shaiduck WHAT? PHYSICS? How can you say you're not smart enough D:? That stuff is friggin hard xD KUDOS for studying it :D
Dude, my circle of friends are nerds, in obviously a good way; but like when we do get togethers sometimes they talk about physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and in some of those subjects I lack, so it's so interesting to hear them talk xD My boyfriend LOVES astronomy and he is able to talk about it for hours and you see everybody just sit quietly and listen to him xD Same thing if they talk about the human body, physics, ect xD So I'M not the nerd I think I am when I hang out with them xD
I have not :D I was in Pottermore a long time ago and I don't remember taking the test xD Let's hope I don't get Gryffindor xD let's see. Oop, apparently I deleted my account xD Wait xD Bah it just asked me which street I'm interested in going and I had to choose between: a path through the woods, a cobbled street with old buildings, a dark narrow lanten lit road, and path in a sunny grass. Like a part from the sunny grass I would choose all three other options xD What the hell is the difference between "the great" and "the good" XD?? Why should I randomly choose between black and white xD? WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH MAGIC XD? DAMMIT I'M A GRYFFINDOR XD Oh well xD now we know xD

Oh I did the complete opposite, I looked for challenged and found guilds xD haha I'm such a spaz :D FINANCE D: ? I should really look at the guilds, but I have not time xD Ooo :D Trekkie sounds fun :D

Oh youu steamed the lava cake :)? My mom uses the oven :) And I saw some people that "cheated", like they would put pieces of a chocolate bar in the batter before they put it in the oven, that way that part remains liquidy and you can cook the tiny cake without worrying xD But I find that cheating :D Awesome job :) I can't think of any cake that needs a syringe xD But go for it :D !

Well, the first week I believe is too soon O.o at least second week there will be minor changes xD Then in 6 months you'll be a totally different person :D! I just didn't expect it, cause I measured everywhere (like the part I'm most worried about is my stomach) and I saw everything got lower and my thighs were like "NOPE" xD But yeah, your right, maybe I'm building muscle or my fat just likes to concentrate more in my thighs xD

I don't know. Like I also watched both, but I remember when I watched Friends that I would never laugh at their jokes (maybe one or two) and I found myself loving only Monica and Chandler xD? Like Joey and Phoebe are ok, but I wanted to take Ross and throw him out the window. Maybe throw Rachel out too, but save her at the last minute. GOSH! Ross was the worst character xD I wanted to slap him silly xD and I binged everything like in one week xD Also Rachel should have totally left for her job opportunity and not have stayed for Ross u.u He deserves NOTHING u.u xD
HIMYM is ok, I binge it way more than Friends, I don' remember laughing there either to be honest, but it also has flaws xD Cause for example Ted is a sweet guy, but then he goes superbatshit insane xD Robin is very annoying at the beginning and becomes *slightly* better as the show progresses. Lily is good, I'm glad she got her dream job (I also kind of relate to her, I don't manipulate my friends relationships, but there are moments where I connect with her: like she had the art degree and never did anything with it. So that's what I'm scared of, if i get my economics degree and end up not using it xD). I love Marshall (though also he kind of sucked in the last season, but it ended well) and Barney :D Oh Barney. I remember watching him during the first run of HIMYM and I didn't like him, but after my second and third binge (right now I think I'm on my fifth binge xD) I fell in love with him and I loved how he got the girl of his dreams (Robin) :D And I loved the Mother :'( and then they ruined EVERYTHING by killing her, by making Robin and Barney divorce and by making Ted run back to Robin :| Like why even make characters progress if then you're going to retcon everything xD? Like it makes sense to kill the mother, they have been hinting it for a long time throughout the seasons, and you know sometimes sh*t happens, but I didn't understand why they had to include Ted running back to Robin xD
Personally I would choose HIMYM, mostly because there are some episodes that I love rewatching. I would not rewatch Friends xD I can't xD
WHAT ABOUT YOU :D? You didn't really tell me your opiniooon >:3 Like I know you prefer Friends, but tell meee whyy >:3

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