Sept. 1, 2021

where is peacetime

September 1 was our latest move-in ETA. By 5 pm on August 31, we had received no update. In fact, we had nothing but radio silence from management for a full 10 days. Dad was of the opinion that this was a good sign (if it was delayed, they would’ve told us by then), while I was of the opinion that it was a bad sign (if it was on, they would’ve told us by then).

As it turned out, I was right. We got an email later that afternoon saying that “the Village is still not allowing occupancy.” RIP.

This morning, my boss called to ask about my housing situation. I told her. She was quite sympathetic. She decided to have the office work from home until October 1, on grounds that it’d be unfair to require others to come in while I continue working remotely. Thanks, boss!

(yeesh I really hope we’re home by October 1)

My guess is that the building is poorly maintained and has not been up to code for a while, and it’s only now coming to light. For instance, plumbing is one of the things on the inspection to-do list. Would the fire have damaged the plumbing? Maybe not, but the building’s plumbing was already a disaster (frequent hot water outages, frequent water stoppages, often with no notification or with a belated email “oh btw the water’s out”). Management shrugged off all complaints for years. Now the village has them under a magnifying glass.

They’re also still working on the fire panel. They probably got shredded over the whole fire-alarms-not-going-off-in-an-actual-fire thing. Maybe they even got fined! One can only hope.

Written by Achaius

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