April 20, 2020

If I could be a pokemon, I would be a Snorlax @.@

So today was a better day. My boyfriend video called me the moment he woke up, and I was half expecting him to still be mad but instead I just saw how happy he was to see me. I was too tired to express emotion on my face, so for at least 30 minutes I looked like Wednesday Addams: straight up b***h face. We cleared things up and both said sorry and then we proceeded to talk about how our day was yesterday.

I spent most of the day chatting with him on the phone; well "chatting". I'm writing here on my journal, while he is on the other end of the phone playing Awesomenauts xD

I went grocery shopping :D There's a new video spreading here in Italy to make new homemade face masks while using this fabric that dog owners use: it's essentially this this mat made with cotton on one side and a different fabric on the other side that is waterproof. Obviously you have to use clean ones xD And in 5 minutes she made 2 masks. So today I walked all the way to the animal store and bought one bag of doggy mats (it was particularly weird since I don't even own a dog) and then headed to the supermarket near my house, only to find that they also sell it there too xD Man, like, I don't know, I wasn't expecting it xD hahah It was the around the same price even if it was a different brand, so if I really need to make new masks I'll just buy it there next time XD haha

Also, once I was in line and had to pay, I got another friggin Brain Fart moment where I forgot the code for my card xD HAHA The girl and I laughed about it and when I called my father he was like "You fool!" xD Geez. Like I wasn't embarassed, but maybe a bit flustered, cause it was just weird that I randomly forgot it. I've been using the card for 2 years xD So I waddled home in the rain xD

So what was weird is that walking back from the pet store I started feeling weird: not that I was sick or anything, but once you go inside a store or supermarket you are obligated to wear a face mask, then you can't take it off until you reach home and wash your hands. Halfway back I felt so uncomfortable, like I was having a hard time breathing and I started feeling lighthead. It got slightly worse in the supermarket and maybe that's why I had two brainfart moments. But once I arrived back home and washed my hands, threw my mask away, and cleaned myself, I felt groggy. Like I had to lie down to take a minute to get my stuff together. I still had difficulty breathing without the mask (and the boyfriend was very supportive: he was like "One of the symptoms of Covid-19 is heavy breathing. Did you know that it melts your lungs? You start spewing blood everywhere!" and I was like "That makes me feel so much better xD"). I also started feeling cold. I don't believe that I am infected, but I still made sure to wash my hands more and to keep a good distance between myself and my parents. Covered myself with a sweater and my father was surprised that I felt cold.

I actually feel much better now, I don't feel cold, I can breathe again and I don't feel so lightheaded anymore. I think I just can't handle the face mask. Even the last two times when I went out and used the face masks I had a hard time breathing after a while. I think the conditioned worsened today cause I stayed out longer (I usually stay out maximum 1 hour, depending on the lines at the supermarket), but today I was out for 2 hours or more. Let's see how it goes, hopefully if I breathe I'll slowly regain my health back xD But in the meantime I'll just be careful to not pass anything to the parents @.@

I wannaaa sleeeeep xD haha

Written by pinenutes

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