Sept. 8, 2021

Cosplay in full swing!

Hi! I've gotten into a real fun period where I cosplay at least once a week, and it has brought in a fair amount of views, likes and followers on tiktok. I'm styling the wigs again to make sure they match the vibe I'm trying to get for each of the characters, and I have ordered a bunch of (17 different ones!) accessories from Shein to jazz them up. I might replace my Misa wig soon since it is shedding and you can see the cap through in the back, but I'll also try saving up for an Itsuki wig which goes with my Kakegurui cosplay.

When mom's pay comes, we're going to book a haircut for me. I'm planning on getting a medium fade cut, because I want to look and feel more like a boy than I do with this long hair. It is fun to put it up in ponytails and all, but it can get in the way and bring me a lot of dysphoria which I don't want.

Written by Fullmetal61

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