Sept. 8, 2021

Got Vaccinated

11:57 AM (of Friday, September 10th 2021)

Today is Wednesday, September 8th 2021 and I got vaccinated today.

10:55 AM (of Sunday, September 12th 2021)

From my last entry, I was considering flying to different countries like Australia or Germany, and I needed to get vaccinated to fly around more easily. I also didn't write about this day, but on Monday, I couldn't enter an arcade because you needed a vaccination card to get in. So I just decided it was finally time to get vaccinated just to make my life easier.

At around 3 PM today, or maybe it was earlier, my dad and I went out to get me vaccinated. There are lots of places here to get vaccinated such as CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, the mall, etc. For some reason my gut told me to go to K-Mart. I don't really know how to listen to my gut that well, but just something in me recommended K-Mart over all the other choices. And, K-Mart is probably the most unpopular choice to be honest. The K-Mart here is deserted, it might actually be bigger than the Wal-Marts here, but there's literally no one that goes there. Imagine a giant Wal-Mart except no one shopped there, that's basically K-Mart.

So my dad and I drive over there, and it really is empty. There's so much merchandise everywhere, but it's a ghost town. There's some cashiers and there was a door greeter, but there's probably less than 5 total customers in the entire 2 story store. My dad and I go on the escalator to get on the second floor, and then we walk over to the pharmacy section. I have to fill in this form with a bunch of personal information before I could get vaccinated, and the form is like 10 pages or more, and it's all in Spanish. I understood Spanish a little bit though, so I understood what the questions were asking.

After turning the form in, we waited a bit longer to have it verified and so on. Overall we've been here for like 2 hours at this point, because it took me around an hour to fill in the forms, and I guess we waited another hour before I finally got vaccinated. My dad took pictures of me getting the vaccine.

Also, I think K-Mart was the best choice, because they only had the Johnson & Johnson Janssen vaccine. It's the most unpopular choice. I'm not sure of this, but I think K-Mart is the only place in Puerto Rico that serves the Janssen vaccine. What makes it unique and special is that it's a viral vector vaccine, which is the old-school way of doing vaccines. The Pfizer and the Moderna vaccinations are both far more popular, but they deal with the new and not long term tested mRNA vaccine method. I like the viral vector method more, because all it does is inject similar viruses into your bloodstream, so your body fights those off, and based on that they can build an immunity to future similar viruses. I'm not too sure what the mRNA method does.

Anyway I would for sure write more about today if I remembered anymore, but it's been a few days already since then and except for the vaccination event, the events of today has already left my mind.

Written by JustMegawatt

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