Sept. 11, 2021

Choosing to dream big and do big.

I am choosing to dream big and do big things. Even though I am in 10th grade.

I have gotten clear on what I want to do to help change this world, and make it better for my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. (If I choose to have biological kids.)

Even though I have autism, that will NOT stop me from helping spread the word about climate change and doing eco-friendly things to help save this lovely planet.

It will not stop me from helping homeless people on the streets, along with other women but whom are struggling with domestic violence.

I believe animals should have rights. (NOT as extreme as PETA though.) And I plan on volunteering with the local humane society when I turn sixteen and I get my drivers license.

I believe women should have the right to their own reproductive freedom. I stand with other women and girls.

I also believe in education rights around the world, and that EVERY person from birth up to death should have a free education that is of good quality. This includes childcare, elementary/primary school, high/secondary school, and college/university. I believe that even in Afghanistan and in Pakistan women and girls should be allowed to go to school. (Thank you, Malala Yousfazi.)

I believe people with disabilities such as myself should be treated fairly and with kindness, just like any other person. Same with lgbtq people..

Here’s what I am currently working on to be an activist with these issues.

  1. I am working on making blessing bags for the local domestic violence shelter.
  2. I am working on fully cleaning and decluttering my bedroom and belongings. After I am done, I plan on donating at least 60 items to Goodwill to help low income families find work.
  3. I am waiting for my 16th birthday so I can apply to volunteer at the humane society.
  4. I am studying for my drivers permit test so I can learn to drive.
  5. I am considering adopting a rabbit or cat from the humane society when I get my room clean, INSTEAD of purchasing from a breeder or pet store.
  6. I am educating myself about these issues.

Written by Edgeworth6

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