April 21, 2020

2020/04/21 - Telestai




It has been a long night. Yes, I'm on my period again and it made sleeping hard. I woke up around 1am. After a walk to the bathroom I checked my phone. I had an email with a gift card. So the app tells the truth. I had been using Mistplay for a while. I mean, playing games and earning money from it sounds quite tempting, odesn't it? While the best option was to safe for the 15€ gift card, it just takes an eternity. Unless you go extreme and really play every app, especially those where you do earn credits but those are mainly casino games which I personally find boring. I am on my phone too much especially playing games. And too much just isn't good and this app just encourages me. Sure, I could just leave it there and use for those I already have that i got through it but... I just can't do that. But before deleting it two days ago, I thought, I'll first redeem what I have, maybe it works. I have seen comments on other apps saying they never received it. So it said i should give them time of about three workday. I had enough for a 5€ card and a 0,50€ card. Yeah, and this night I received it. I just went to Amazon redeeming it. I had to give them location data. Guess it's because it was in the middle of the night, not thinking I touched the button with the country - which was already correct.... Until then. Now we live in Dibutschi or something 😂 Of course I changed it again. I purchased a google play card from it. The email came pretty fast but landed in some kind of file which does not give notification like advertisment or so. And then I randomly purchased the song "rey de reyes" (it's so catchy, it has been playing in my head all the time, but in english). Because I knew I might forget it AND I need to write it down, I made a screenshot. Yep, this morning I had no idea what I had bought except that it was a song. hmmm why do i forget things so easily that happened at night?

This morning or so I turned the radio on "Premier christian radio". I like listening to it, but i often forget radio exists. Later when i got up a song played saying "Better is one day in your love/house than thousands elsewhere" and I wondered if i have it myself. If, then it's in the "Top 100 Worship songs" album. ^﹏^


News on the radio. They discuss whether it should be done that u have to wear masks or not. As they do here. And Trump doesn't want to have immigrants because of the "invisible enemy".. is that anew thing? Was it different before the virus? ....


Might have to go to bed soon. I'm excited for tomorrow. The IGW (of the three possible institutions the most exciting one I'd say, at least their website is) is offering lessons to try out and because of Corona they're online. I applied for the one tomorrow. I wanted to take the one for "Begeisterte Nachfolge" BUT that will be in may. I don't know what happened but IF nothing changes, we'll have to GO to school there. We don't have online lessons and only get tasks at the moment, so I can do the lesson tomorrow. it's about leadership. I'm really looking forrward to it.

I had watched the bibleJournal at 16:00 from Lea and Ramona. It was about the last scene where Jesus died on the cross. They mentioned that the versions are different of what he says and i wanted to dig deeper. From what I found out, they don't contradict each at all. They just use different ways to say it, and all in all, they are complementary to each other. So I think it was like this: He cried "my God/Father, why did you leave me?" (something like this), then the soldiers gave him this oil thing (vinegard?) and the he said "telestai" "and gave up is spirit" - not gave up like give in but hand it over. And to do so he probably said he'd give it into his (Gods) hands.

But it's probably not even important. Just nice to know. :)

I think, it makes sense that way....

https://books.google.de/books?id=i4Fsw7VOJroC&pg=PA189&lpg=PA189&dq=paredoken+to+pnevma&source=bl&ots=HxPhRni61m&sig=ACfU3U3S9DmNvFQwCVuhxTg0GbGW69ZPaA&hl=de&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwj3nIGFivroAhUF5aYKHdSwDosQ6AEwAHoECAMQAQ#v=onepage&q=paredoken%20to%20pnevma&f=false (Page 189)

https://www.bibelstudium.de/articles/484/das-wort-der-ewigkeit-tetelestai.html Telestai! I like that word

I still find the language beautiful but cpmplicated. Me that has no idea about it (I have to learn it) tried to translate the A.Gr. version. Because the dictionary doesn't always give all word versions, i am always not completely sure whether the word i have could be one of the one i found or not. It did make sense, though. I wonder how they'll teach it in university....

Now I did some lessons, one at Mondly and one at this LinGo. Also I created a vocabulary list per GoogleDocs.

It'd so strange. Usually I do the Drops lessons in Greek (before I didn't do them for a long time). Now I made the spanisch one. What is that? Spanish.. I like that language, but i'm used to greek. My thinking is half Greek and half Spanish. Especially when doing them after one another.

This mornig/noon I listened to the radio, and time just flew! News come every half an hour and it felt like every two minutes... I wonder which tasks we'll get tomorrow...


Written by Plesi`

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