Sept. 11, 2021

Day Two Of Habiticia Journal Challenge

I know I didn't post yesterday. I should've but I drank a bit and was basically to tired too. And I also drank a little tonight, so sorry if this sounds weird. So yesterday I worked from 8-12. I work administration in a medical office, mostly call list and some paperwork, so we leave early on Friday since there aren't any doctors there. I felt bad because my sister wanted to hang out this weekend and gave me a text yesterday and I couldn't decide whether I wanted to or not because my stomach hurt on Thursday and I don't know I keep thinking all this COVID stuff even though I'm vaccinated and she's become very anit-mask and vaccine and stuff, though she's enough where she doesn't care that much you know it makes me worry when I'm sick and stuff. To be far my sister does think and tell when she feels sick but like, I don't know I wonder if I should wear mask in the car with her and stuff. The last time I did because I had felt bad and sick. It was Labor Day and I don't know all of Labor Day weekend I didn't really feel like myself. My family had all gone to a football game and usually I go there with them, they live 3 hours away so not that far but I decided I wanted to stay home, had planned to like stay up all night watchin One Piece, play video games and such, but I felt like off, I don't know can't explain it. Anyway, ya, probably wasn't sick and all was good. Sorta, felt like I wasted a Labor Day weekend, did stay up late Thursday watching One piece and getting into the Walten Files which was fun. But I like couldn't motivate myself to do anything, and I don't think my sister understood that I couldn't do anything but not in the fun way.

So this week I got back into exercising and eating good and going to bed at nine and all that. And I had decided not to go on Friday because I had been feeling all good going to work then suddenly started feeling tired. I think It was really because I had woke up in the middle of the night with shoulder pain, probably because I hadn't done my weight exercises in a while. So I told her wasn't gonna come. So I made a smoothie for lunch, played with my dog and read some of the Art Fairy, and realized I started feeling better but thought It'd be fun to stay home and then she texts me asking if I could come at like 6 to watch her kids while they slept. So I told her I could come now, because I love I love her kids, she has a 2 year who is so sweet and cute and a 6 months old. I love my sister too, but like, she can deal with it If I don't wanna come over. :P I really did miss them over Labor Day so I went, stayed till like 9 so obvs I didn't go to bed till like 10 but it wasn't intentional and like I did sleep 7 hours, actually I slept almost 10. :P So I work up a little later then planned at 9:30 in the morning, ate, walked on the treadmill then walked my dog some. Then I read some of the Art Fairy. I think I can appreciate the theme and like there are too many metaphors and lot don't make sense but I think I get what the author was trying to do, sorta create a world that mixed wonderful, perfect fairytale fantasy and our messy existence. Just, it's too much, and that's the issue. I just don't know to review it because I don't know where the errors are and where it's just writing style. Took a nap after that and then of course I was worried and thought I might have to stay up all night to read more, like not only the Art Fairy book but the one for my writing and the one for the Habitica reading challenge but I decided to drink wine and order some good food instead and watch anime and feel pretty good. Really needed to clean one of the cabinets in my kitchen though. It's become like the place where I stuff everything that doesn't fit in the fridge, but now now it's too full and I can't find anything, I keep putting that on my To Do put haven't done it yet. Did everything else besides that. Hopefully tomorrow. 

Written by Kcollins12

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