Sept. 12, 2021

Day Three Of Habiticia Journal Challenge

Yesterday went to bed at 10 instead of 9 but still got good sleep though the point is to have a consistent wake up sleep time. Woke up around 8 but normally wake up at 5:10 on weekdays so wanna wake up more around 5-6, but 8 is still good I guess. I guess I just procrastinated a little so I didn't get the things I wanted to get done done. Like, I want to do 30 minutes yoga before bed on Saturday-Sunday and also wanted to chat a bit on an anime Discord I made. Well more light novel/manga discussion thing that's really so I can meet people in my area who are in to that stuff and I'm just really bad at social media I always feel like I have to go on when I wanna chat for hours but I'm more introverted and like I feel like I have to respond right away if someone replies. And like I always want the perfect replies, things like that, so I always procrastinate on that and like when someone responds I have to like prepare myself like I think it might be bad or something? I can't just read and respond. I used to RPG some on Tumblr and tried to on Discord with friends from Tumblr but I could never keep up. Everyone talking at the same time I guess just made me nervous, also I didn't know how to do the stuff like, how to respond to a specific user. Hopefully now that I know more things will be better. But ya ended up doing both those things later and wanted to watch some anime before going to bed. Ended up watching some of That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime. I really need to catch up on One Piece too I'm close episode 200, It just feels like I'll have to stay up forever to finish it :P

So I walked my dog and read more of the Art Fairy. It turned in a direction I didn't expect. Basically, it looks like the main character died for good, though I think he'll probably be transported to the more fairytale like world the book had gone into a few chapters ago, but still surprising, 'cus it seemed like his story of becoming a great musician and all that. It'd be like if Deku died halfway throw and got transported to a different reality, a very surprising twist. Finally cleaned the pantry and cleaned the kitchen a bit, which I'm happy about because I always end up doing those things last. It makes me feel productive. Then I read a book on mermaids for story research but it this point I feel I should just start writing. But I feel like what if I don't have enough information. It's more something fun in my spare time as of now, but I've been trying to read 10 hours a week on it when I can. Though I've kinda been slacking the last couple of weeks, I'm glad to get some reading on it done. My thing was that'd I read a lot about the three most important things in my story: mermaids, fairies, and the four elements and it would give me inspiration. I probably should've been making notes, I've never been good at that, I just highlight everything. Maybe after this book I'll stop reading and start making notes on some of the stuff I read. This books seems to be more focused on mermaid sightings, though it does go into the myths as well it wasn't what I was expecting, though it is cool to get a range of ideas on what mermaids were thought to look like. Some did look more animal than human. Though I guess Little Mermaid would seem weird if Ariel looked more like a seal :P

Anyway, on Discord talked a bit about doing another light novel discussion, we haven't done one in a while, I said next week, probably Sunday, but I don't know about that, because it is a light novel but it feels like I have all these books to read in a certain amount of time and since I'm the one who made it the group it feels like I have to finish but we haven't done anything light novel or manga related in so long it feels like we gotta do one soon. So ya that was pretty much my day mostly just finishing up some laundry now. 

Written by Kcollins12

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