Sept. 14, 2021

Day Four Of Habitica Journal Challenge

Finally started trying to make more friends and chat more on Discord. I'm usually pretty tired at this time so don't wanna do anything, but today I tried to say stuff, like a person :P I'm so awkward at doing that when I haven't chatted in so long, it feels like you just can't now for some reason. I also changed my discussion to next Sunday which might be better because then everyone well hopefully be able to do VR chat. I love VR chat but no one's really done it yet but this one person whose sorta been there since the beginning of this group. Like when it was back on Meetup. I only met him in person once, I made a group event to see the new Dragon Slayer movie for the heck of it (I'm vaccinated and this was before all this Delta stuff), I guess I should've thought not a lot of people would show, but I had also done like some events on Kast and no one showed to that either. So he was the only one to show up. He's ok, I just feel bad because I don't feel like I've done enough the engage in Discord group but really there's only so much I can do too. He's never said anything but he did say once I was kinda his gateway into the anime/gaming community, of course the Facebook group I'm joining has a Discord he's now on so that's probs all he meant. I don't know, I'm just always so tired on weekdays.

Maybe going to bed at 9 is helping because I feel a lot more energized. Problem is I'm still struggling with weight after not exercising as much during Labor Day Weekend but then I feel hungry after breakfast for example. Of course I do eat at like 5. Latley I've been eating Bagel Dots then a smoothie. I think I need to find more high protein meals. I found some on Pintrest I used to make, like a bannana strawberry parfait thing that was good, I just got lazy last week and I'm in Texas where Nicholas is supposed to come, though now It's only a tropical storm for us. Looks like in my area it's not raining too much so I hope it stays that way obvs so me and my coworkers will be safe but so the groceries will be open so I can get so food.

I actually did work a little this morning. My dad is actually technically my boss-meaning he has his own medical practice but only works three days a week, but with doctors it can be a bit complicated because technically they have like office manager that can exert some control. So he signs the checks but someone else does all the financial stuff mostly. Anyway, he stays in my house (well, it's more my mom's, she found it for me and I pay part of the 'rent' as it were) for three days a weeks and he said the weather looked alright when he woke up at 4:30 and honestly I wasn't very worried either. The place I live does have bad rain a lot and honestly yesterday it didn't seem that different from normal bad rain but then then driving to work dad started to think it might flood but wanted to stay a while in case patients came in. I still had to do some work at home. Lauren, one of my coworkers, said I could do call list for Thursday and the rest of MIPS tomorrow morning but honestly that just seemed liked more work for me? And Wednesday's my busiest day because I have to call more people. Tuesday is actually my easiest day because I only call for one doctor, so it didn't take that long, I just don't like the fact that patients will know probs be calling me on my personal cellphone for the next few weeks. :/ This happened after the ice storm too. Then I read some of the Art Fairy, normally on Tuesday I would go to my sister and brother-inlaw's house to eat and hang out with my niece and nephew (I probably already mentioned, but their 6 months-well almost-and 2 years old and I love them) but with the weather and stuff we obvs didn't. Feel pretty good today honestly. Didn't get too many people calling me back on my cell so hopefully that means they had no issue with their APT. Only mistake is that for new patients I'm supposed to leave a message telling them they can call the office and give their email, should've given them my work email in the message, I'm so used to giving the office number if didn't occur to me that I was doing it.  At least they DO have my number, just feel kinda bad.

Written by Kcollins12

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