April 21, 2020

New plan D: !

Sleepy sleepy :3

I have this bad habit that everytime I finish my work out, I open my bedroom window first, go shower, and go back into my room with the cold wind blowing on my wet hair @.@ Makes me get cold and light headed and if I keep doing it, I might really get a fever xD haha

Today was a lazy day (well except for the workout) and I actually did not accomplish what I wanted to do xD haha But I'm lazy. Today shall be my lazy day :3

Well "lazy". There's actually a short comic contest going on over at webtoon (https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/contest/us-contest-2020 if anyone is interested) and I've been postponing it for far too long. Well, it's not that I was postponing it cause I am lazy (partly yes), but I do have University to work on and I've been pushing myself to concentrate on that these days.

I've actually been reading up some short stories, obviously not to plagiarize, but to have some sort of an idea of what the contest is expecting from candidates. I came up with my own concept and story but what I really am worried about is my inking and panel placing abilities. I only worked with a vertical webcomic with my Australian friend and I'm not exactly happy with how I positioned the panels. Paneling is one of the criteria's in which you will be judged on and that kind of worries me xD So many people out there are so talented :3 So tonight, between Awesomenauts with my boyfriend and breaks, I will be working on writing down the story in a detailed manner and the next days I will focus on creating the characters @.@ I should put it as a daily for Habitica now :3

By the way: Lil' Flame will now be published on Saturdays (for Italian and Australians, but Fridays for the American audience :3) and you can find the little guy over here:



I you guys want you can drop by and give some support to the author :) It could cheer her up a bit in this weird apocaliptic period :)

Have a nice day :3!

Written by pinenutes

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Posted On Apr 22, 2020

Aww that comic is so cute!

Posted On Apr 25, 2020

@Cayst Aw :3 Thank you :3

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