Sept. 17, 2021

Turned 28 Today, Existential Crisis and Everything

2:30 PM (of Saturday, September 18th 2021)

Today is Friday, September 17th, my birthday! I turned 28 today, and it was basically just another regular day. I woke up, walked outside and did 3333 steps in the morning, 5 push ups, 40 seconds planking, 10 goblet squats, and 50 crunches. Using Habitica, I split my daily workouts into 3 chunks, one for the morning, afternoon, and evening, all the same thing. I can only do around 5 push ups right now per set, actually I could do 10, and I can also do a one minute plank, but I don't do too much.

Yesterday while walking outside the neighborhood shirtless, one of the condominium caretakers came up to me and said that his boss called him, and told him to tell me that I wasn't allowed to walk around shirtless anymore. So now I always wear a shirt when walking outside, except it sucks because my arms, neck, head, and legs will get more tan, but if I ever take my shirt off in the future the area beneath it would be far less tan. I am already quite dark right now too though because of all the days I've been walking out in the sun.

A bunch of people wished me Happy Birthday on Facebook, a lot were from family members, even though my settings are set up so that my birthdate is hidden. It's always been set to hidden, even on my old Facebook account. I made it hidden because I didn't want to be disappointed with the low amount of people wishing me happy birthday. Back in 2009-2012 era, Facebook used to be a big deal amongst high school students, including me. So if it was someone's birthday, everyone would wish them a happy birthday and they'd get a lot of posts on their wall. I remember that I wouldn't get that many well wishes, so after experiencing one year of not getting that many happy birthdays and feeling disappointed, I just made my birthday private.

Most of the happy birthdays were from people I chat with though. I was so freaking lonely and bored last night, I just started chatting with a bunch of people on my friends list, mainly women. Most of my happy birthdays came from them because I just straight up told them to their face "it's my birthday today" or "btw I turned 28 today" lol. Anyway, I was so bored and lonely the whole day, I didn't work the whole day even though I did have work.

In the afternoon, I did some more walking, and exercises. I was so bored. Is this all there is to life? That's what I thought about as I walked. It's just a repeat of every previous day, day in, day out. It's always been that way, no matter if I moved to a new neighborhood, got a new job, moved to an entirely different home and culture far away, everything becomes the same and complacent eventually. It was so boring.

I remember when I moved into my previous neighborhood in the States back in 2015. I was so new to that location, and everything was so new to me, that I didn't think I would be able to learn much about that location even after a few years. Like, I expected I would still need to use a GPS and everything all the time to get around that place, because it was all so new. Now, I know everything there, I know all the roads, all the places, secret paths, and so on, in like a 5 miler radius around that home. So I could make my way around there easily.

It's the same here. I didn't expect it to always be new this time around though, I knew that at some point, I would know this location well enough that I knew where most the roads went in the area and everything. I know my way around well enough now that I don't use a GPS here at all for anything. I just know where everything is.

Written by JustMegawatt

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