April 22, 2020





I'm excited! Just a couple of miutes 'til the lesson starts! I woke up earlier than my alarm clock. Then I turned on the radio. They talked about the amageddon... It does sound like a horror story. This is the only one I'd learn more about voluntarily. Horror really isn't my thing. But at least we know who'll win.


It was so nice! But so long and a bit exhausting. I have a headache, so I'm glad it's over and i don't have to "stare" at a screen the whole time.

I talked with Hannes, who studies there, maybe I can get there for a day whenever i've got a free day and all of this is over.

We still have to record sth for tomorrow... ah... I don't want to...

Maybe my sister borrows me her flute (she plays at the moment), because I don't want to clean it... Because of my physical condition. I don't even know what to record. Nor, if I can even play on her flute. Is it true to say "a professional" - which I am not - "can play on any instrument" ?

Because for instruments like the flute, there are different types, some have special parts, some have a different hole shape at the mouthpiece (yes, that makes a difference...) ....

I remember my old teacher said, you should take time when choosing your flute parts, which cost a lot, like, the mouthpiece can be 8000€ i think, and in a professional store they'll take the time for that.

21:20: Interestingly, my headache went away pretty quickly when I was calling my friend... Maybe I had too less nutrients or those important vitamins... I ate "Quarkspeise" with uh.. Were it "Aprikosen" ... I don't know, some kind of fruit. So after the call I wrote down the bunch of tasks we have to do. I started the English tasks, but I didn't write much, just got a quick overview of what it's about and so I'll do it tomorrow. Now I did some lessons in Greek on Duolingo, Mondly and Drops. Actually I had turned the english radio on, but i didn't catch much as I was distracted.

But it's getting late, so Καληνύχτα ;)


Written by Plesi`

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