Sept. 25, 2021

Danced Outside, Two Hour Spanish Lesson

11:02 PM

I woke up this morning at around 8 AM feeling a bit groggy. I didn't have any plans for anything today, except some Spanish lessons in the evening. My morning dailies involve me going outside and walking, but I didn't want to do it in the sun and heat. So I decided to go to a store and walk indoors I guess, since I needed a wallet case for my phone anyway.

I went to Wal-Mart this morning looking for a wallet case for my iPhone 13 Pro Max, and but it turns out they didn't have anything for iPhone 13s yet, everything they had was for iPhone 12s and older. I decided to go to Best Buy next, thinking they might have something, but they were still closed so early in the morning, I went there at around 9 AM and they were still closed.

So I drove around, I went to this one place I had always wanted to explore but never did. It was this huge spiral railing thing, that went from this one neighborhood, crossing a street, over to the train station area. They made it very wheelchair accessible, hence the huge ramp spiral. I explored, ran up and down, and took a bunch of pictures of this impressive structure. I have always wanted to visit this thing, because I drove by it often, today just happened to be the day. This structure and the train station were deserted, completely deserted, I don't know how frequently this structure was used back before the pandemic, but it doesn't seem like much.

I went to Best Buy after, still looking for a wallet case for my new iPhone 13 Pro Max, and they had cases for iPhone 13, but no wallet cases. It's funny they don't even have "iPhone 13" as the name for the cases, just "iPhone 2021 model." I guess the manufacturers knew the specifications of the phone ahead of time, and were able to create cases for them ahead of the launch, they just weren't given the affirmative that the name would definitively be iPhone 13. Who knows, it really could have been iPhone 14 since a western audience might view 13 as unlucky.

So anyway, I just kept checking out the rest of the stuff at Best Buy. Oh, and I learned yesterday I couldn't listen to any music on my iPhone through any headphones, because it didn't have a headphone plug. So I bought an AirPods Pro here for $250. Geez the Apple Ecosystem is bleeding me dry. Everything is so expensive, but it's cool. I think they are the best tech company right now, seriously. Their tech is hugely impressive and influential. I mean both Windows and Linux aren't bad, I am now using all three operating systems on 4-5 different computers every single day which is cool, but Apple is just such a cool brand and they do things so well. The other operating systems are kind of bland and plain in my opinion, compared to OS X.

I also checked out the Apple watches they had at Best Buy, and I can't believe I bought anything else. I didn't buy an Apple Watch today, I'm going to wait until the 7 is released, but like, why would I go for imitations? I think Apple Watch is a recognizable enough brand that it's the high quality smart watch brand people look at. I don't even know if Samsung Galaxy Watch or any other smart watches are as good, they probably are in some areas, heck they might be completely superior in every way, but I just can't get the Apple Watch branding superiority out of my mind. It's like Rolex with its competitors, a company like Seiko can create similarly good looking watches, or even superior watches, but they will just never be able to overcome that brand name.

I've seen discussions of people bragging about their Rolexes and having several of them. I wasn't impressed. I think rolexes and other mechanical watches are kinda just meh compared to smart watches. I mean yeah mechanical watches can tell time, but at an inferior quality to smart watches, and smart watches can do 1 million more things than just track time. Smart watches can even have their appearance change, so you only need to buy one, and you can make it look like anything. With luxury mechanical watches, you only have one look, and that's it, and just one function of telling time. Boring.

So yeah, I bought the AirPods Max, and went back home. I tested them at home and they were pretty cool to use. They weren't like "omg this is the best thing ever", they were just okay. I mean they have the best noise cancelling I've ever heard on any headphones, but that didn't impress me much. It's like iPhones having the brightest screen and highest resolution and highest refresh rate out of any phones, I mean that's cool, but not mind blowing. Yeah these have the best noise cancelling, but meh, so what. I mean I already expected that kind of quality from Apple, so it was just expected already.

At home, I didn't do anything for several hours. I was waiting for the sun to go down so I could walk outside for a while with the new headphones I bought. I watched videos in Spanish, I watched random videos, I browsed the Internet, I did "that", I took a nap, just random stuff.

Eventually it was 4 PM and the sun was mostly down, so I went outside. I first started just walking outside, but then I put a bunch of good music on and I was energized. I danced while walking outside the entire time, for 1.5 hours, because I had Spanish lessons at 6. I really just let myself loose, like dancing like nobody cared. A bunch of people saw me because I was walking around the entire neighborhood, and I was also dancing for over an hour, and yeah. That's how I become known that I exist here, it's that only Asian guy in the entire neighborhood who goes around dancing.

At 5:30 PM I still had so much energy, that I felt like running, so I jogged for 20 minutes before going back home, taking a shower, changing clothes, and then starting the Spanish lesson.

In the Spanish lesson, we talked about Reckful and his suicide, and also looked at other notable famous and rich people suicides. There's an entire wikipedia page dedicated to those people and there's just a list of a bunch of people who once "had it all", like models, actors, famous musicians, the wealthy and famous classes of people, some even presidents of entire countries, and they committed suicide. That's what we did for the first hour, and then we had another lesson another hour later.

In this second session, I showed my tutor my past YouTube accounts. I have more than these, but I showed her 5 of my past accounts. Here they are:

If anyone can find my other accounts, holy crap I would be infinitely impressed. I have other accounts with tens of thousands of views too, so they're out there. I don't think they'll ever be found though. And yes, I am physically in those videos with my face and body fully visible (no, not naked, fully clothed).

Oh, we started going over my past YouTube channels because I told her I wanted to attain fame. To become influential, leave some impact in the world. And yeah since I got a new phone, she said to record videos on that thing and upload them. She didn't know I already have a bunch of experience with that.

After that Spanish lesson, I watched a bunch of Reckful videos because I was so interested in why this guy who had the dream life I imagined, would do that. How can the guy who had everything I ever wanted, be depressed enough to commit suicide? It turns out there's a bunch of possible reasons, one of them was allegations of possible sexual infidelity with another famous streamer while he already had a girlfriend. Now that doesn't sound like much, but apparently only after proposing to his girlfriend, was when rumors of that infidelity started to spread. So that may have ruined him.

Another reason he might've committed suicide, was he lost a lot of money on creating his game called EverLand. On his first year, he apparently spent over $270,000 just in that first year, and he said he basically had to scrap all that progress. Apparently he hired a bunch of people who scammed him, and in his next year I think he lost even more. He said he hired and fired over 100 people throughout the course of his game's development, I mean that's a lot more than $270,000 to hire 100 people. So he lost a lot of money there.

Another reason which someone in the Reckful subreddit suggested, was that he bet everything and lost it all on options trading. Even though it's been over a year since his death, his family still doesn't have access to any of his money or anything. So that's kinda interesting, he might've not had any money left.

I'm very sleepy now so I'm just gonna go to sleep.

Written by JustMegawatt

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