Sept. 27, 2021

More of the Same

11:20 PM

Today has been absolutely banal. It was the most normal day possible. I didn't do much. I didn't even do "that", though I feel like doing that right now, I'm forcing myself to refrain. What I'm going to do now is just re-activate my old Facebook account and explore some chats on it again, since I am just really bored. I do have homework I can work on, but that would be too boring.

I'm just reactivating and logging back in and de-activating again.

6:41 AM (of Tuesday, September 28th 2021)

Things weren't as good as I remembered them. I wanted to check two people's chats in particular, from two Megan's I was having chats with back then. We shared similar names so that was cool. I couldn't even find them in messenger, I think they may have deleted their accounts since our chats were gone too.

7:03 AM (of Tuesday, September 28th 2021)

Anyway this morning I didn't do much except I went out to get some Acai. I then went back home to work, and it took me a few hours to get out of Microsoft S mode so I can run some non-Microsoft store apps. It took me a few hours to do that because the Windows Store kept crashing. I already disabled S Mode last time after a previous security update, and for some reason it re-enabled it again after restarting today. So yeah it took me a few hours to get out of S Mode and it was a total pain and frustration. I got out of S Mode through sheer luck, it just randomly told me I was out of S Mode after already repeating the same steps over and over dozens of times.

After that I just worked, and I was bored out of my mind, until around 5 PM. The time went by quickly. The difference between a normal weekday and a weekend for me, is that I can go out and do whatever I want on weekends. I'm confined at home on weekdays.

After work, I went outside and got around 8k steps in just walking around the neighborhood. Then I went out to Wal-Mart and bought myself a light stand and other camera accessories for my iPhone. I was just bored as heck. I'm planning on recording videos again tomorrow, so that's why I did that.

When I came back home, I had about 9k steps, so I went around the neighborhood a bit more to get it up to over 10k. Then I played Beat Saber a bit at home, I forgot to take off my watch but it went up to over 13k at the end.

Then I browsed the Internet for a bit, and I regretfully did "that" again before going to sleep. It wasn't worth it.

Written by JustMegawatt

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