Oct. 5, 2021

inspection: done

This condo sat on the market for 60+ days before we made an offer, so I was lowkey worried the inspection would reveal major issues that had scared off previous buyers. Thankfully, nothing too bad popped up. The garbage disposal needs fixing, and a smoke detector needs to be replaced. The seal on a couple windows is popped, so they’ll also need to be replaced. Stuff like that. But the furnace and water heater are in good condition and the major appliances are too.

It turns out the inspection report was very sparse (far from my parents’ characterization of it as a tome I’d never read), so it was a good thing I went in person. For instance, the report states: “Toilets: REPAIR or REPLACE: This toilet is not secure.” And there’s a photo of the toilet. Not very informative. In person, Mike explained to me that the toilet tank was not properly bolted down (he rocked it slightly back and forth to demonstrate) and the two bolts on the bottom needed to be tightened.

After the inspection, I got a chance to walk to the train station. It was nine minutes’ walk away at a moderate/leisurely pace—not hurrying for work, but also not hampered by snow and ice. Unfortunately, there aren’t sidewalks the whole way, so I have to walk on the shoulder or in the grass for significant stretches. But on the whole I think it’s about as good a transportation situation as we could hope for.

That afternoon, there was a call from the lawyer, and a call from the bank, and then Mom got home and wanted to chat about the inspection and other home issues. I’m excited about this condo, but I’m also getting mildly sick of everything in my life revolving around it. I suppose that’s just how it’s gonna be until we finally move in.

Written by Achaius

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