Oct. 9, 2021

Lowest Point, but Steve Jobs

6:33 PM

The past few days have been total garbage. I have been exercising daily but I have also been doing "that" daily, and after doing "that", I tend to eat a lot, so all my exercises have just been in vain. It's pathetic. I've done "that" twice today for example, twice yesterday, three times the day before that, and so on. Basically twice a day for a while. It's so pathetic.

Tomorrow I am going to do a unique thing I have never done yet. I will go a full day without Internet, and I also won't even go out to eat. I'm going to fast until 5 PM, and if I do eat, I'll eat the most noble and cheapest of foods, the rice and beans I have at home, and maybe some potatoes because I have some of those too. I'll eat them plain, with no seasonings. And I won't even drive, and I won't use my phone. It will be a day I really need, because I have been on this pleasure rocket ship for a while, and it's annoying. I have to crash land this thing and jump out with a parachute.

6:37 PM

So the more I learn about Steve Jobs, the more impressed I am by this genius and how much influence he had. He made so many right decisions, it's insane. He created Apple along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne when he was 21 years old. I'm 7 years older than that and I've not done nearly as much with my life at all. Back then home computers didn't even exist, you couldn't go to a store and buy a home computer. His company made that happen. This 21 year old with his 25 year old friend made home computers a thing, and he made the first 100 by hand with his small team and friends. That's freaking crazy.

From there they got investors and were able to set up a factory to create the Apple II. I mean I skip so much, but they hired a bunch of people, negotiated a bunch with other businesses, created the design of the Apple II, did testing, created software and hardware, and so many other things to get that product to be made at all. It's freaking crazy how much business deals and negotiations he had to go through, and this is some 21 year old. Wozniak should get credit too, because he was the one that lead the team to develop the Apple II, but Steve Jobs as a 21 year old did all the business deals and negotiations that made it possible to be mass produced and sold to consumers.

This is some 21 year old that did this. Seriously. A time when there were no home computers available for the masses, and this guy makes it happen. Is this the real world? There were people double his age that couldn't even dream of doing anything like that.

Anyway I skip a few years. At 30 years old, his company Apple had sold millions of computers worldwide, and he was wealthy, young, famous, and on top of the world. Then he gets fired from Apple, his own company that he created at 21. Angry, he made a new company called NeXT in the mid 1980s. Now NeXT was revolutionary for its time as well, the physical appearance of NeXT computers alone became commonplace in the mid 90s and early 2000s with everyone else copying the look, so they were 10-20 years ahead of everyone else in just physical appearance. Software-wise, they were apparently 10-20 years ahead too, though I wasn't around to experience anything, so I wouldn't know, but a user on Quora said they solved problems at the time no one else knew they had and were 10 years too early.

10:50 PM

So NeXT company didn't do that well because they were very advanced, ahead of everyone else, and they sold computers that were markedly much more expensive than anyone else's. They still sold computers, they just didn't grow that much. While Steve Jobs was working on NeXT, Apple was failing as a company. Steve Jobs wanted to get back into Apple though and lead again, and no he didn't just get promoted to CEO right away. He had to actually work for it, which is pretty crazy since he started the company years ago.

Jobs was apparently friends with Larry Ellison, co-founder and former CEO of the company Oracle, who could have actually purchased Apple back then because it was in such a weak state, and would have promoted Steve Jobs to CEO had he bought it, but Steve said he wanted to rise up the ranks deservedly from upper management, and he did.

The way he got back into Apple, was he sold his company NeXT to them. After NeXT was acquired, I think Steve Jobs became a vice-president. At this point Apple is almost bankrupt. He was able to present some ideas during the Macworld and World Developer's Conference events, but he wasn't running the show. It was after two years or around that much time, after drastically transforming the company culture and products with his influence, that he was promoted to CEO again.

From there, he lead this dying company into the #1 company in the whole world, yes, the whole freaking world, the most valuable company in the world. I mean we all know what happens from there, he introduced the iPod, then iPhone, and iPad, and he also introduced the Macbook and Macbook Pro, Apple TV, Mac Mini, and iMac, and he grew the biggest company from these products. There's also little tiny but revolutionary tidbits here and there that Apple did like creating the first laptop with Wi-Fi built in, creating the first laptop without a latch, creating the concept of an App Store, creating the entire touchscreen smartphone concept, and many others. All under Steve Job's helm.

Considering that even the Apple Campus 2 was a concept Steve Jobs came up with and already had everything planned out before he died, but construction didn't start until after his death and wasn't completed until 2017, I'm pretty sure products like the Apple Watch and Apple Silicone (which I think are the only two new Apple products under Tim Cook), were already conceptualized and in the works under Steve Jobs. People have said it a bunch, but there's not been anything new under Tim Cook, it's all been new iterations of old products. Apple Watch is new, but likely conceptualized by Steve Jobs, same with Apple Silicone, and I can't come up with anything else that's new. Still, it's not easy running the most valued company in the world, and it's great he is doing a fine job with it.

Oh yeah another thing about Steve Jobs is he also co-founded Pixar, and was president, CEO, largest shareholder, and head of the board of that company. He created Pixar after buying the computer graphics division at Lucasfilm and turning it into Pixar. At first he wanted to use Pixar to create art software, but they did something better. They created art software, and used that same software to make an animated feature film, Toy Story. The rest is history, Toy Story became a hit worldwide, being the most successful movie of its release year. Steve Jobs made his first billion when Pixar IPO'd. Later he sold Pixar to Disney, and became Disney's largest shareholder. He owned more of Disney than the Disney family, and had the most individual power on the world's largest entertainment company.

I love how everything he touches turns to gold. There's a lot more to his story though, I know that. He also had amazing quotes and speeches. My previous boss was the biggest Steve Jobs fan. He made Steve Job's birthday an official work holiday, and he owned all the Apple products and made his entire company try to be as Appley as possible. He was so different from Jobs though, because he was so relaxed. His rules for his company was basically you can do whatever. You could sit on his desk if you wanted, and he wouldn't get mad, well, that was a common saying people said. In my opinion I think he would get a little bit annoyed and ask you to move. But yeah, I would hang around the office for fun at like 12 AM, invite friends and hang out at the office, and it was so chill. I miss working there to be honest.

Oh yeah, I can afford to go and work there now. They have an open office concept, and anyone can come in and get a desk anytime. I think it's $30 a day to come in and you get access to everything like Wi-Fi, free food, view of the whole city, and so on, for 24 hours. I do miss working there, because that was a dream place to work. I was super productive in that environment, well, any environment. In my previous company which hired my company, I had a cubicle and it was the most dull and boring office environment of all time and I was so productive. I learned and grew so much there, from the boredom. It was not fun though.

11:34 PM

So the reason for the big gap between 7 PM and 10 PM entry, was I watched a few more Steve Jobs videos, and then I went outside and walked. I love how my neighborhood is entirely lit up at night. It is light pollution, but like, it's basically daytime outside, at night, because of how bright the entire neighborhood is. There's no sun, and the wind was cool, but there was a lot of light and I walked outside for around 7000 steps listening to this Steve Jobs episode in a podcast about some quotes of things he said.

The quotes from Steve Jobs from 1994 are crazy good. This was his thought process back before he got picked up by Apple again, before he introduced the iPod, before the iPhone. These are the thoughts he had to make him who he became.

Back in college, I learned that Steve Jobs asked himself two questions before he went to bed. I don't remember them though, and nothing online helps. I remember there being 2 questions, and he asked something like "was I better today than yesterday?" and the other question was something like "what can I do better tomorrow?" I think. I don't remember. Maybe these questions were just falsely attributed to Steve Jobs, but that's what I remember. This was about 10 years ago, so I barely remember.

Anyway, I'm going to sleep now since I'm super sleepy. I didn't do much today, just walked 12k steps, I did go to the beach. And i ate at the Acai place today instead of taking the Acai home and eating there. There was a woman that smiled at me after I exited the bathroom. I made eye contact with her for like a second, and she smiled wide even showing her teeth, but I wasn't attracted to her, and she was with her mom. But I gained a lot of confidence from that experience.

Anyway I'm going to sleep now. Tomorrow. Well, I am gonna use Internet probably, but no social media or random browsing. I'm going to set a goal to try and beat the 53,000 steps in a day record set by one of the members in the Habitica Walk the Walk guild. I'm gonna just not eat anything until after 5 PM like I said. It will be a dopamine detox day.

Written by JustMegawatt

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