Oct. 10, 2021

53,101 Steps In One Day

1:03 PM

So far I’ve walked 19311 steps today which is not that much yet. I started waking at around 8 AM and my plan was to walk all day. I didn’t expect to stop recently, but my feet started getting sore, and I started feeling a bit hungry and thirsty, so I am now taking a break.

I’m at the Açaí Express restaurant right now and I just ordered myself an açaí bowl and a dragon fruit bowl, total was around $23. I ate this same combo yesterday, except today the person at the cash register wouldn’t allow me to order a large dragon fruit bowl. It’s not on the menu, they only have up to medium size, but the woman yesterday let me get it in large size. It depends on who your server is whether they let you order the large.

Anyway I’m just chilling here at one of the tables. My feet are taking a break for a bit and I’ll walk again later, maybe I’ll take a nap at home first.

1:35 PM

Just finished my meal. I’m freezing cold now because the meal I just ate was freezing cold, and I’m in an air conditioned room and it is cold. Brrr.

But yeah I just ate some exotic fruit bowls and that meal can last me the whole day if I wanted, or I can eat later again if I get hungry again after walking a bunch. I might get an Impossible Whopper at Burger King later. Choosing not to eat animals is as easy as just ordering a vegan meal instead of one with a dead animal. It’s that easy to not eat animals. It’s very insane that anyone still does.

1:50 PM

I’m at my home’s parking lot now. I forgot to mention earlier that I also walked a bunch in the rain. My shoes and socks are still wet. I did grab an umbrella once the rain got truly heavy, but all my clothes and everything was already soaked at that point. I changed clothes before going to the açaí place.

Now I’m contemplating whether to continue walking again or take a break like a nap. I’m not sleepy or tired, so I’m gonna try to keep walking. Maybe I can take another 10k to 15k steps before getting tired.

3:01 PM

I’m sitting on a bench outside, letting my feet rest again. They got sore again. I’ve taken only around 5000 steps since then according to my watch. According to my route though, I should be at 7500 steps, because each lap I do is supposed to be 1000 steps, and I’ve done 7.5 laps. Whatever, I’m going back home so I can lie down.

3:16 PM

Okay I’m back home. I’ve taken 25,625 steps so far according to my watch. That’s not too bad. Like I also mentioned before, I’ve probably taken more than that, but my watch steps are harder to increment.

I can honestly do a lot more if my feet didn’t hurt. I weighed 206 pounds this morning so that much pressure on my feet for hours will eventually cause some pain. I’m gonna rest up until they’re ready again.

There’s also no water in my home again. I can’t take a shower or wash my hands or flush the toilet (I already flushed it once earlier, and the tank is not re-filling). If I want to use the bathroom later, I will have to go to the Açaí place and order another meal, and then use their bathroom. Or I could go to Wal-Mart and use the bathroom there.

3:40 PM

So bored. I've just been lying down here, not doing anything. Waiting for my feet to feel less sore before I can go out again. My socks were soaking wet, along with my shoes, I hope my shoes don't stink later. When it rained, it rained heavy and hard, and yet I still kept on walking. I stepped in a bunch of puddles too, because there was no choice. When it was raining hard, everywhere I went had a bunch of water, so at times I had to step in deep puddles just to continue walking. Oh yeah, and I walked several minutes in the rain without an umbrella, probably for around 30 minutes as I got rained on.

4:15 PM

Okay I just woke up from a short nap. Whenever I wake up from these, I always feel refreshed and ready to do more. I'm ready to walk more steps again. I hope I can take 20,000 steps before they feel sore. I was actually expecting to get 100,000 steps today, but that's not feasible. I walk around 5000 to 6000 steps per hour only, so it's not going to be possible. Based on that walking speed too, I have to walk from now until 10 PM if I want to set a new record in the guild. Yeah this will be hard.

5:16 PM

I didn’t start walking until around 5:30 or so, I’ve taken 29,346 steps so far and I’m taking a break on a bench again. Feet are very sore again. I’d be able to walk forever if it weren’t for my sore feet. Can I make it to 50,000 steps today?

6:13 PM

33,779 steps. I’m back home again, lying down again, resting my feet again. My feet are hurting a lot. I’ve been walking for hours on the concrete pavement since this morning. I could keep going forever if not for the pain. It’s frustrating.

I’m not sure if I can even make it to 50,000 anymore, unless I keep pushing through.

I’m gonna do some other workouts at home while I rest my feet.

6:56 PM

Okay I finished up some workouts, I did 180 seconds of front plank, 20 seconds of side planks, 30 push ups, a bunch of overhead dumbbell extensions (didn't count), 150 crunches, and I think that was it.

I'm contemplating now whether I should go out and buy an acai bowl or dragonfruit bowl again. I'm not even hungry. I don't need to use the bathroom either. I've only peed recently and left it unflushed because there's no water to flush with, nothing happens when I push the handle down.

I've got it, I'm going to Wal-Mart to return this one item I bought recently that doesn't work, then maybe I'll buy some smoothies there. Yeah!

8:20 PM

What ended up happening is I just went outside and started walking again. I'm now at 40445 steps, finally. My feet are hurting very badly right now though. I'm going to take a 1 or 2 hour break. I should be able to break 52,872 steps today which is the current record. I'm lucky that the shorts and boxers I'm wearing are preventing any thigh chaffing. I've only noticed it as I was walking, but normally if I would have walked this much, I would feel some thigh burn or something, but I don't. The only thing aching are the bottoms of my feet from over 200 pounds of pressure being put on them for hours.

I'm gonna eat 3 apples right now. There's no faucet water so I can't wash them, but they're organic so hopefully that should be fine.

8:34 PM

I finished two apples and drank some water, I'm full. My feet still ache a bit though. Gonna wait until like 9:30 PM then I'm going to walk until I die, until I pass 53,000 steps. No stopping. I don't care how much my feet hurt at that point.

8:40 PM

If I stopped now, I would be rank #7 on the steps leaderboard. But I don't want to stop now. I have just a tiny amount left, just 13,000 more steps and then we're done. I'm actually not sure if I can complete that if I start at 9:30, since I average 5000 steps per hour, and I'll only have 2.5 hours before the entire day ends. I think it's better if I start at 9:00 PM, even though it's a bit riskier since my feet wouldn't have recovered.

I'm not sure if I can do it, because my feet are so sore. Also, it rained again while I was walking. I had to walk back home and grab an umbrella, my shoes and socks and everything were wet again. I'm going to use the same socks, so it'll be wet and damp on my feet when I put them on again soon.

This is so much fun. I've walked in the rain for over 30 minutes earlier today, and it was pretty heavy rain too. I was feeling some very sad emotions while walking, so I let that rain fall on me and soak everything. I also walked in the sun a lot today, it was so sunny earlier today. I have very tan arms and my head is tan too, compared to my thighs which are extremely pale. I like that my genetics allow me to be extremely tan or extremely pale depending on if I spend too much time indoors or outdoors. I will be extremely tan from now on though, since I go out in the sun every day.

9:14 PM

Okay it's 9:14 PM. I should go out and walk now. My feet still ache, but there's nothing I can do about that now. I have to walk until I die... Weird how I have no other issues today. I've read someone else in the guild had issues after walking just 2 miles. I weigh 206 pounds and I'm obese, and it's night time, and I've already walked 40,000 steps today, and I'm still ready to go for more. I need to finish this. I'm gonna go out now, and just walk and walk and walk. Hopefully I reach over 53,000 steps by midnight. I don't care how much my feet will hurt.

11:45 PM

I did it. 53,101 steps in one day. Trust that I would still be walking outside right now and getting even more steps in, if I could. I think I'm going to have blisters tomorrow. The bottom of my feet just really hurt to walk on now and there's some loose and thin skin, foreshadowing blisters appearing, nothing else has any issues.

I just crawled to the living room to grab this 1 gallon of water. It was much easier crawling than standing up and stepping on my feet. I will be able to repeat this again once I weigh less, then I'll be able to get a much better score.

Oh yeah, I did it. I wrote yesterday that I wanted to do this, and it happened. That's pretty cool.

I'm not that sleepy yet. I can't brush my teeth because there's no water either. Also, I would be uncomfortable standing up and brushing my teeth because that would mean putting pressure on my feet.

I also took off this entire week from work. What am I to do tomorrow?

Anyway that was my day today.

Written by JustMegawatt

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Posted On Oct 12, 2021

Wow congrats on 53K! I think the most I've ever gotten is around 43K, and that was a huge effort.

Posted On Oct 12, 2021

@Achaius Thanks! It took me more than 12 hours to get that

Posted On Oct 15, 2021

wow impressive

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