April 24, 2020

First Ramadhan... Welcome........


Today is first Ramadhan for this year. Fasting for a whole day, don't eat or drink or doing anything that can canceling fasting from fajr (sunrise) to maghrib (after sunset).

Oke, lets review today activity.

3:00 = woke up prepare eat Sahur. Sahur is eating before sunrise so we have energy for fasting. Still sleepy, so I just wait a minute to get some energy.

3:30 = Taking a bath.

4:00 = Take Sahur.. Time to eat some chicken meal.. yummy

4:30 = Fajr, lets pray. Go to masjid for praying Subh.

5:00 = Take some time to finish reading Quran 1 juz, done it. Then continue with zikr matsurat.

6++ = Take some rest, reading something. Don't really remember what I do that time. Ah, a wasting time.

7++ = Feel sleepy, try hard to not sleep again. Ok, failed. Ahh.. >,.<"

9++ = Wake up, and remember that I don't yet do some morning ritual (exercise). Do some aroun 10-15 minute. one two three.. one two three...

9++ = Ready for work, stay at desk and work until dawn..

12++ = Jummah? ah wait, today is jummah I need to pray jummah at masjid. But then, why it's some what just few people coming. Then I really, there is now Jummah at Masjid because of Corona.

12++ = back to work.. tap tap tap..


17:50 = Wohoo.. time to get something to eat. End from work and waiting for maghrib.

18++ = Doing pray at home due Corona...

20++ = Done praying, buy some Vit C drink. Then write some code at codecademy and codingbat.

21++ = Write this and read some islamic book, and do something, maybe code something before sleep..

That's for today..

Alhamdulillah, whoever read this, I hope your life get ease every day and have a great meaning.

Written by kangfarih

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Posted On Apr 25, 2020


Posted On Apr 25, 2020

@pinenutes Thank you.... :D

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